Kapowski is equal parts Tin Pan Alley and noise pop, combining tight songcraft and memorable lyrics with an impish lust for dissonance.


San Francisco-native songwriter and vocalist Jesse Rimler grew up surrounded by music-making of wildly different styles. His father (writer and Gershwin expert Walter Rimler) composed hundreds of Tin Pan Alley-inspired tunes on the living room upright piano while his brother played guitar and drums in hardcore punk bands in the garage below. The combination had a profound effect on Jesse's songwriting, which is both sweet, finely wrought yet aggressive and open to unusual harmonies and dissonance. After teaching himself rudimentary piano and guitar chords, Jesse formed a band with multi-instrumentalist Jon Gondo, eventually recruiting two thirds of the experimental improvisational trio Beep! -- virtuosic keyboardist Michael Coleman and genius drummer Sam Ospovat. The energetic foursome count Ray Davies, Randy Newman, The Velvet Underground, Hoagy Carmichael, Grizzly Bear and Radiohead as influences.


Town Downer EP (Self-Released)
Alexander Technique EP (Self-Released)

Set List

Our typical set is between 25-35 minutes, and contains 6-10 songs of songs averaging 4 minutes; all original material.