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A well-blended concoction of intricately written lyrics and smooth instrumentals. Occasionally funny, often brazen, always honest.


M-Kaps is a Winnipeg-based Hip-Hop artist and singer currently on the rise. Combining clever, intricately written lyrics with soulful beats and smooth hooks, he aims to make a permanent mark on the Canadian Hip-Hop landscape. With astute cynicism in his writing, Kaps entertainingly approaches classic themes from a fresh perspective: an everyday person.

M-Kaps always had a knack for writing, and starting very slowly in 2003, he found these abilities to be easily transferrable when it came to writing lyrics. Described as "a writer at his core" (www.stayambitious.com), Kaps began his path towards serious Hip-Hop by jotting down rhyming couplets to amuse friends and classmates. These couplets led to verses, which in turn, eventually led to entire songs. After running into personal problems amongst his friends, Kaps felt himself growing alienated and found music to not only be the perfect outlet, but also a fairly good companion as he entered High School.

Since then, there has only been forward movement when it comes to M-Kaps' music. After High School, he became acquainted with DJ Envoy (who would later go on to co-found The Happy Unfortunate) and together they made Kaps' first full length release K-A-P-Supreme in 2010. Having played all over Winnipeg, and with a new EP in the works, M-Kaps is optimistic about the future of Canadian music and his role therein.

Live Videos:

M-Kaps featuring Flo - Any Type Of Way

M-Kaps - I'm Fine

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The Supremium EP - November 2009

K-A-P-Supreme - July 2010:

1. Why Should We Stop?
2. Stars
3. Spread The Light
4. Sole Repossession
5. We Don't Trip
6. Knocking
7. In The City
8. All For you
9. The Pursuit
10. Any Type Of Way (feat. Flo)
11. The Kingdom
12. I Love You, But...
13. Check The Rhythm
14. Outtro (The Supremium Edition)

Another Day, Another Sudoku - April 2013:

1. Another Day
2. My Dear (feat. Flo & Malcolm-J of The Happy Unfortunate)
3. I, Remedy
4. Morning Blues
5. Can't Fake It
6. Some Say
7. Cruel Without Knowing
8. Half Truths (feat. More Or Les & Ghettosocks)
9. More Honesty
10. The Last Show (feat. Bernie Pastorin)

Set List

I Love You, But...
Right Hook
Fall In Love
Spread The Light
Sole Repossession
I'm Fine
Can't Fake It
Some Say
My Dear
She Wants To Move
The Last Show