Kara Betke

Kara Betke


The music I make is soft, mainly with piano. My music is very lyrical and emotional. If I am not composing, then I am singing Broadway tunes. I adore singing from Gypsy, Funny Girl, Evita, Anything Goes, Wicked, Guys & Dolls...


My music is made to touch people. It's there to have people fall in love with music as much as I am. I want every person to relate to my words and feel true comfort in what they hear.

When I am on stage in front of an audience during a production, I am not myself anymore - I am the character. I love being able to go into another world and tell a story to the audience.It is the most refreshing feeling in the world to look out and see such a wide-eyed audience. It creates such an ideal and safe place for me. Performing on stage is where I belong. I have fallen in love with all audiences and its a love that will never leave me heartbroken.

Theatre Credits include:
*Gypsy- Baby Louise
*South Pacific
*Grease - Sandy
*Fiddler on the Roof - Fruma Sarah
*Anything Goes - Reno Sweeney

I have had the opportunity to perform in Proctors Theatre's Televised "Melodies of Christmas" for two years. I have also been asked to perform for many benefit concerts including one for Hurricane Katrina in Albany, NY. I have participated in NYSSMA, All County and Area-All State Choir since I was about 10. I have also been asked to sing at parties, weddings, funerals, basketball, football and baseball games as well as countless community events.

All in all, music has always been a part of my life. Whether I am composing or acting/singing on stage I have and always will give 100 percent to my audience. I am in this for the long haul, because I wouldn't be able to define myself without singing and acting.