BandEDMHip Hop

KaraKara is a non stop dance party of hip hop grooves and digital nightmares. Featuring slow rolling drumbeats and harsh electronic tones accompanied by warped vocals and leads resulting in a highly electronic mix of house, synthwave, glitch and hip hop.


Karakara has been releasing music and playing gigs for a year now with his music being heavily influenced by the local electronic scene but more importantly influenced by the music I listened to when I was young. Bands such as Receiving End of Sirens, Fall of Troy and Horse the Band. I take influence from a less than serious attitude towards life and overly fond look at my childhood.


I have 3 EPs for free download available on karakara.bandcamp.com
from most recent to oldest

Yet Another EP
I Can't Use Decks
My Laptop Just Broke

The oldest two have been downloaded over 10,000 times combined

Two tracks from 'I Can't Use Decks' and one track from 'Yet Another EP' have received radio play as well as my single 'Occupy a Sofa and Calm the F**k Down' which can be listened to here