Kara Kulpa

Kara Kulpa

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Poetic and soulful and A riotousily fun time are just a couple of ways folks have described singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kara Kulpa. Originally hailing from the midwest, Kulpa uprooted and moved cross-country to Cambridge, MA, in the spring of 2010. In the fall of 2011, she hit the road in support of her second full-length album, The Waters Edge. Recorded at the Signature Sounds Studio under the esteemed engineering of Mark Thayer (Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar), and produced by Dave Golden (HBOs Treme/Sundance Film Festivals), this album features performances by nationally recognized artists including Richard Gates (bass), Kris Delmhorst (cello/vocals), Chris Merenda (banjo) and Brad Wentworth (percussion).

Since the release of her debut EP, Any Given Day, in May of 2005, Kulpa has toured country as a solo act as well as in conjunction with various other acts. She has shared the stage with nationally recognized artists including Rufus Wainwright, Eddie Money, Danny Schmidt and Kris Delmhorst. During the Spring of 2006, along a road which spanned from Boston to New Orleans, Kulpa collected a batch of live recordings and self-produced a mix CD entitled Incomplete. To add to her recorded collection, Kulpa has appeared on several other projects including National Geographics 2010 documentary, After The Spill: The Last Catch (guitar/violin/candolin).

As for her live show, House of Abundant Kindness House Concert Series said, Kara Kulpa has a charm and personality that make you want to be her best friend The Daily Vidette boasted her prodigal-like ability to pick up and play any stringed instrument, and Segment of Society Productions called her, a master on the fiddle, mandolin and guitar. Along with performing solo, Kulpa regularly supports an eclectic list of Boston-based and nationally-touring acts. Visit her website to see when and where shes performing next!

the music is fanasticshe is incredibly talented. Bob McKee, ClubPlanet.com

soulful songstressthe queen of wanderlustKaras harmonic voice?brushes against a sharp edge blade that cuts through her lyrics with a?hypnotic overtone. Heather Corcoran, CoffeehouseTour.com

poetic and soulfula riotously fun time Nuvo Newsweekly

a sensation at the 2005 Midpoint Music Festival Cincinnati CityBeat

excellent, unique music from a truly gifted artist Reviewer,?CDBaby.com

intelligent, yet unassuming folk music Reviewer, CDBaby.com


[NK 22]

Written By: Kara Kulpa

I’ve been a bad, bad Christian
I've gone and lost my way
And would you find me here
In those dark marsh shadows
Tall grass troubles
I have wandered aimlessly into today

I’ve been a bad, bad lover
I've played my cards all wrong
I have hid my face
Behind the queen or the ace
But I am just a lonely four
Singing you this song

I don’t know where I’m going
You don’t know where I’ve been
You don’t know anything about me
Still you put your arms around me
And I dance

You’ve been a bad, bad daughter
You’ve gone and left them on their own
You let them dream their dreams
But you’re not in those scenes
And you’ve wandered far
Far away from home

You’ve been a bad, bad comrade
You've lied to all your friends
You could go back now
And set them straight somehow
But you have long past your time
To make amends

I don’t know where you’re going
I don’t know where you’ve been
I don’t know anything but that look
In your eyes says hold me tight
So I grab on while I can

When I Find My Way

Written By: Kara Kulpa

When I find my way back home
I’ll write you a poem, I’ll sing you a song
When I find my way into your heart
We’ll make a new start

We won’t have enemies, we won’t have TVs
We won’t have anything that does not please us
We’ll only have the love that we made in that heart of yours
When we made a new start

When I find my place in this world
I’ll be a new girl, I won’t be afraid
When I find my voice within the chorus
I’ll sing something for us

I won't sing off key; I won’t feel sleepy
It won’t be anything that you can’t appreciate
It'll only be the love that we made in that heart of yours
When we made a new start

When we find our hands in the night
Won’t that be a sight, but time is never wrong nor right
When we find our lives are better lived
We’ll know this is it

It won’t be sappy, it won’t be angry
It won’t be anything that we don’t believe in
It'll only be the love that we made in that heart of yours
When we made a new start


Written By: Kara Kulpa

At home in your room you doodle
And I see masterpieces
Flowing from your head
White walls, white desk
Against a white sky still you
Paint your greens and reds

Maybe I don’t know
How this story goes
Maybe I just don’t know how

You look like your mom they say
As a compliment but they must
Only be looking at your face
Because inside you are a picture
A thousand words
I am all numbers

Maybe I don’t know
How to solve this puzzle
Maybe I just don’t know how

This House

Written By: Kara Kulpa

I’m in love with you
Now I’ve said it
So you can have my whole heart
And my future
We will build a house
Away back in the trees
We will stay out late fishing

We will never grow lonely
In each other’s hearts
In each other’s arms
In each other’s house
In each other’s house

We’ll decorate our walls
With pictures by our kids
And pencil in the
Times when growth spurts hit
Then one day we’ll wake up
And be just us again
And I will look at you the way I did then

We will never grow lonely
In each other’s hearts
In each other’s arms
In each other’s house
In this house

This roof will grow thinner
These floors will wear
And that paint will chip off
And those stairs start to creak
But that cat will still sleep
In her favorite chair

Well, it could be this way
If you only knew
But I’m too shy to say
And I think you are too


Written By: Kara Kulpa

upon the earth i lay like this for days
the earth my back and time my hiding place

la da la da

i felt her tear drops wet upon my face
until the sun came and dried them away

la da la da

i saw the trees stretch high into the sky
and through the maze of leaves the clouds passed by

la da la da

awake and go use my eyes now she said
then flew away not to return again

la da la da


The Water's Edge (Signature Sounds Studio) - November, 2011
Incomplete (live) - November, 2005
Any Given Day (Aaron Paolucci Studio) - May, 2005

Set List

usually 60min: all original
can do 90min: all original or including covers