Karandila Junior

Karandila Junior

 Sliven, Sliven, BGR

The project aims to break the stereotypes and offer a different cultural perspective of the ghetto.
The album puts forward music, which has no analog in Western culture – authentic Gypsy compositions mixed with elements from Bulgarian and Turkish folklore, as well as with jazz and even reggae.


Karandila Junior, a band of 16 Gypsy children aged between 10 and 18 years, was formed in 2007 in Sliven’s “Nadezhda” (“Hope”) district, a ghetto famous for its high levels of crime, illiteracy and poverty, which twentythousand Roma people call home.

The great musician Angel Tichaliev – a driving force behind the original Karandila orchestra – cultivated and developed the talent possessed by these young diamonds in the rough. While listening to the band you will find yourself in a different, unknown world, sincere and sunny in a childlike way. Like a flowing river of life, these children leave behind the endless misery and any prejudices that plague their everyday lives in this hectic crisis-laden civilization. The unique quality
of the music is underlined by the fact that world famous Bulgarian musicians like Milcho Leviev, Theodosii Spassov and Vladimir Karparov, agreed to appear on the album.

“Angel’s Club” is a small music school of Angel Tichaliev, a man whose dream came true. Over the years, Angel gave children the gift of love for music and the dream that now shines in the eyes of each and every one of them: to become professional musicians.

In addition to the project, the band helps preserve and pass on the traditions from generation to generation of Bulgarian brass bands, whose numbers have been declining rapidly during the last two decades, due to the extensive use of electronic devices in music production. This album is an example of tradition in the fundamental meaning of the word, namely as the preservation of the uniqueness of Bulgarian, Roma and Balkan folklore.


"Ghetto Hope" 2011