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Karanji's Soulwater

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Soul


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Karanji's Soulwater @ Bakers Keboard Lounge/Detroit Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Karanji's Soulwater @ uDetroit Cafe

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Karanji's Soulwater @ Radisson Hotel

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA



Skope: How did you react when you knew you are now A2W selected on Skope?
Karanji: When I first found out the great news that I was selected to be featured in your mag, I was really happy because to be honest, its been a challenge for an independent artist like myself to get press. So for you guys to give me the opportunity to interviewed was a great feeling for me. It let me know that I must be doing something right.

Skope: What are two goals that you want to accomplish musically in 2011?
Karanji: Well to be honest, I have a bunch of musical goals for 2011 but if I had to narrow it down to two. Hmmmmm, I would have to say that the first one personally is to complete the recording of this next album. I have several tracks already that Im pretty sure are going to be on it but I really want this album to be as special and complete as possible. I really believe in taking time to produce good music and not rushing the process. My second major musical goal would probably be to get more major gigs for me and my band Soulwater this year. I already have two pretty big gigs lined up and would love to have more. The good thing about me being a teacher is that I have a lot time off to perform in the summer whether here in Detroit or out of state. So everybody look out for Karanji and the Soulwater band this summer coming to a city near you!

Skope: If you had to choose one thing that your band must improve on what would that be and how will you do it?
Karanji: Hmmm, I would probably say consistency with performing. We don’t get to perform as much as I would like so it can throw things off a bit. With me doing a bit of fusion style of music with hip-hop and soul, I find sometimes that gig spots are not always clear as to where we fit but the good thing is that after we do perform, we always have gig spots requesting us back to perform. So being fresh and new has its advantages as well as it challenges sometimes but I embrace it all.

Skope: What are two other non-mainstream musicians or bands that you are listening to these days & respect?
Karanji: Well one would have to be Eric Roberson. He’s a great neo-soul artist, who is also really down to earth. I had the chance to meet him while at my college homecoming in 2008 and we have been talking about doing a track together for a while now. I think now, I’m ready to go on head and send him a track for him to jump on so we set the world on fire.

The second independent artist I have a lot respect for one who is in my own camp. He goes by the name of Aaron Lamont and he is by far one of the best up and coming soul artists coming out of Detroit. He is featured on several of my tracks and almost always performs with me but also has some solo tracks which are killer as well. He also signed to my record label Onesoul Records (Detroit) LLC and is currently working on his upcoming project as well.

Skope: How has playing music offered more fulfillment in your life?
Karanji: Wow, that’s a loaded question. Im going to try and not be too wordy but to be honest, music is what makes me feel good every day. I tell people, I can go forever without TV but I couldn’t go a day without my music. Music has allowed me to paint a picture of a world that many do not see. Working here in the inner city of Detroit, I have heard and seen so much. This is especially true from my students whom I must give much of my credit to for inspiring a lot of my music. Just knowing that a song touched someone or made someone feel good when they were down is all the fulfillment I need. This selfless philosophy of music is almost lost these days it seems, with the whole world being so focused on material things and the outer. Every time I think of doing music, I think of how the greats did it. How did Marley do it, how did Stevie do it, how did the Begges do it, how did Micheal do it, how did Prince or Pac do it. When you listen to all of those greats music you can find so many songs that you can feel and to me music is about feel more than anything else. If you get a person to emotionally attach themselves to your music, you are doing something special that will not die as time goes on.
- Skope Magazine


Compilation Album: Onesoul Presents: Vol 1
Debut Album: Appreciation 2008
Singles:Soulstar, Soulnites, Mama's Song, Do Ya Thang, Extra Extra, Slow Stroke

Radio Airplay: WJLB fm 98 Detroit (Soulstar),WGPH 88.1 FM Detroit, WHOV 88.1.Hampton, VA. Hampton University Radio
Video Broadcast (EXtra EXtra): Ch 68 Detroit, Youtube

Streaming Airplay: www.Detroitriotradio.com



Karanji is a hip-hop/soul artist from Detroit, MI whos credits include production work for Detroit own K-Jon. His name, Karanji, means "spiritual one who guides". Being raised with an upbringing that taught self-love became an integral part of his music interest and later on motivated him to create music that moved feet as well as spirits. Artists he claims as musical inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Marvin Gaye, Gill-Scott Heron, The Spinners, Earth Wind and Fire ,KRS-One,Common , Nas, Tupac, Outkast and Public Enemy.
A turning point came in Karanji's life at age 18 while enrolled at Hampton University when his mother, passed away from a rare form of brain cancer. Her passing motivated him to continue at Hampton University. After graduating, he decided that he would give back to his community the best way he knew how and that was by teaching. So he enrolled at Marygrove College GRIOT program, to become a certified science teacher. As a science teacher on Detroit's East side at Pershing High School, he had experiences that would motivate him to do hip-hop music. As a teacher at Pershing, he taught students who felt no one really cared about the inner city child and the things that they experienced. Most of his students had never seen anyone in their family go to college and the most common successful people in their neighborhoods were drug dealers. Almost every child in his classes either knew someone close to them who had been shot or knew someone who had shot somebody. Moreover, he saw first hand how most current rap music was encouraging children to aspire to live a negative lifestyle that would damage their communities. All of this motivated Karanji to do hip-hop that would not only entertain but would also inspire.
He is currently working on his new album as yet untitled. He is also currently promoting his record labels new compilation album "Onesoul Presents: Vol. 1.5", while also performing new music with his new band "Soulwater".

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