Kara Nomadica

Kara Nomadica


Kara Nomadica is a fusion of ancient and exotic instruments from the Middle-East, North Africa, Australia and modern western music. Kara Nomadica captures a fresh new sound that is driven by traditional Arabic and Turkish rhythms and maqamat (micro-tonal scales) .


The members of Kara Nomadica play a vast array of traditional instruments, including oud, saz, darabuka, doumbek, riq, frame drum, dholla, davul, ney, and mizmar, and didjeridoo…all solidly anchored in the 21st century by the fretless bass guitar. These ancient, and not-so-ancient, instruments blend to give the band’s original compositions a truly unique synergy, while breathing fresh life into their large repertoire of traditional songs from Turkey and the Arab world.

Kara Nomadica’s goal is to bring its exotic Middle-Eastern fusion sound to a broad spectrum of music lovers, while specifically focusing on supporting the grace and beauty of the international bellydance community. To this end, Kara Nomadica has recently been inspiring thousands of dancers and listeners at numerous bellydance shows, haflas, arts festivals, World Music and Dance showcases, and charity benefits throughout Northern Colorado, garnering rave reviews.

Denver music reviewer John Zwick says, "Kara Nomadica is what happens when you bring together a mess of overqualified music geeks with Middle Eastern instruments you've never heard of…it's a damn captivating sound."


Kara Nomadica EP released 2007

Kara Nomadica LP released Spring 2008

Set List

Kara Nomadica is a dance party waiting to happen. Whether performing a short set or keeping the dance party rocking all night long, Kara Nomadica delivers and unforgettable experience.

Kara Nomadica's large repertoire of original and traditional songs from Turkey and the Arab world and creative improvisational skills gives Kara Nomadica the versatility to perform at a wide variety events and venues.

Kara Nomadica often teams up with professional belly dancers to provide an exciting music and dance performance.

See Kara Nomadica's LP track list below.

1 Arainia 4:40
2 Ottoman Lobotomy 5:10
3 Hashashyyin 3:30
4 Darbukastan 5:10
5 We've Never Met 7:28
6 Saz Taqsim 1:23
7 Mastom Mastom 3:24
8 Out Of The Erg 5:37
9 Oud Taqsim 1:37
10 Bad Pumpkin 6:49
11 Serpent’s Tongue 4:46
12 Dulcinea 5:07
13 Tamr Henna 4:58
14 Bela Shah 5:40