Karaoke For Beginners
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Karaoke For Beginners

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Karaoke For Beginners at the Camden Crawl"

KARAOKE FOR BEGINNERS - noise mixed with music, as they put it "bombay mix on acid". An antidote to the BPI's belief that like mushrooms we enjoy being fed shit. KFB's claim to fame is being the best rookie karaoke in town, and they're yet to be discovered by the far east. Formed in Feb 2009 KFB are a mix of old friends or aquintances that met though vodka, bands , beer, club promoting and gambling. Some with long CV's, all with bad livers, and the occasional hip replacement.
Karaoke for Beginners will soon be performing at a ballroom near you. Epileptics and Asthmatics wellcome, despite the smoke machines and strobes. - The Camden Crawl


There's A Foetus In My Room...E.P.
Released on F-shine Records 05/07/2010



After a typically chaotic Butthole Surfers gig at the Kentish Forum last year, ex Silverfish guitarist Fuzz Duprey and ex White Russian Ben Etchells decided enough was enough and what the world needed now (more than love, sweet, love) was acid-fried rock (‘n’ roll). Hatching a dastardly plan to inflict a “bombay mix on acid” this noise mixed with music would be called Karaoke For Beginners.

Of course with noise must come big fuck off drums so ex Darkness drummer Ed Graham, who had just been kicked out of soft rock band The Stone Gods for reasons that might have to remain secret (his love of philately notwithstanding), was quickly recruited and much like the Magnificent Seven (although nothing like the Magnificent Seven) they set off in search of that all-important, elusive bass monster.

After a first bassist left during one rehearsal claiming to be epileptic (and more than a a bit ill, wimp), Michael Vakalis was found to be immune to the strobes installed into the rehearsal space and was systematically enlisted and given a pair of blockeverythingout shades, just to be on the safe side. Bass players are a rare breed after all.

KFB (ah ha ah ha, ah ha ah ha well sorta)’s first gig was a sold out show in a decrepit Irish bar called Tommy Flynn's. Since then they have played all around the UK including Gig In The Park and the prestigious Camden Crawl. Though mostly, it has to be said, in their adopted home of the Independent Free State Of Camden, where they are infamous for club promoting, DJing, playing poker in dens of iniquity (“never smooth call on pocket aces, they’ll get cracked”), being hit on by every girl imaginable, staying up very, very late, crashing your party, fucking up your fancy kitchen, being better at choosing music than you will ever be and generally living the dream and invading your nightmares. Oh and a bit of vodka, beer, sambuca, JD , Schnapps, firewater, the odd sasparilly and alchemy (maybe).

The best rookie karaoke in town, KFB will be performing at a ballroom near you soon. Epileptics and asthmatics welcome, despite the smoke machines and strobes. For now download a copy of ‘There’s a Foetus In My Room’ EP, from itunes, Amazon and all those usual places - turn up, stand back and feel the (raw) power.

Be prepared, then get a bit unprepared, then leave the house. And go and see them, you won’t be disappointed.