Helsingborg, Skåne, SWE

Karavan is the perfekt band if you're looking for blues, passion and joy!


Karavan was formed i Helsingborg, Sweden in 2009 by guitarist Anders Mouridsen, drummer Walle Wahlgren and bassist Alfred Andersson.

The bands genre started out in a more ”New Orleans” rooted blues and a demo was soon recorded.

The band immediatley found themselves playing full houses all over Sweden in different bluesclubs and the response was fantastic.

The band also participated in the competition ”Classic Jazz 2010” in which they ended up second place! The pricemoney was invested in their own recordingstudio, Ladahland.

After the competition the band parted ways with their singer at that time and an old friend to Walle and Alfred, Jokke Pettersson joined to play guitar and to fill the vocalslot.

While completing the studio the band begun writing songs for their first album and in January 2011 the recordingsessions started. This story is presented in the song

”Screws And Nails”

At the same time Karavan needed a keyboardplayer and the band asked Simon Mårtensson, a friend Alfred had studied music with and everything fell in place.

The circle was completed.

The result of the album was not what they had expected. It was more.

On June 3 , Karavan released their debutalbum ”Tools Of The Trade”

A rock-fueled album filled with joy, passion and a ton of heart. The release was held at a sold out club in Helsingborg.


"I'm Keeping At It" EP 2010
"Tools Of The Trade" Album 2011