Hailing from Detroit, Kardia is a 5 piece power house of Post Hardcore Alternative Metal. Young and energetic they leave no crowd unsatisfied and have the road experience and talent to take on any task put before them. Kardia is Greek for 'Heart' and these guys sure have big ones. Lots of drive here


Kardia is a 5-piece Alternative Rock/Metal band that originated from Detroit. In 2007, the group formed and set out determined to develop a musically strong sound that would prove to have a familiarity between each song while still maintaining their own unique feeling. Kardia released 2 EPs and furiously took to the stage, attempting to play with as many bands as possible. During 2009, some strains on the band brought them to take a break in order to pursue side projects for some members and personal matters for others. After some time had passed, Kardia was reborn with an intense desire to both create and perform better than ever before. Musical insight was brought by new members into the studio, where they recorded the EP entitled, "Rewind". The EP was almost a perfect representation of Kardia's capabilities to cover a broad spectrum of sub-genres both technically and emotionally. From the punk choruses of "Eyes Like Oceans" to the metal solo and interlude in "Rewind", Kardia displays the strengths of having a sound that feels uniform and diverse at the same time. The band continues to display these strengths in the energetic live performances that can transform even the close-minded into Kardia fans.

Kardia is now in the process of spreading their music fanatically while also creating new songs that will expand their already solid repertoire. The band has set a solid foundation down and plans to build upon it, with each success driving them closer to their goals.


'Rewind' EP - Currently Available for listening on Myspace and for purchase through a number of different avenues including iTunes. The other EP's that we have released are no longer available.

Set List

1) Artificial
2) Falling From You
3) Misperception
4) Eyes Like Oceans
5) Worth A King's Ransom
6) From Here To There
7) What Lies Beneath
8) Rewind
9) Various Covers if we have time