Kareem Arafat

Kareem Arafat

 Amman, Amman, JOR

I consider myself as a soundtrack composer, I love to create moods with music, making the listener imagine a story with characters, I believe that if this music is combined with photography of video it can deliver a strong message. My musical modes fall between suspense, war, historical and psychedelic.


About Kareem Arafat: A self-taught pianist, keyboardist, music composer/arranger, Kareem was born in Nablus/Palestine.

Kareem's music is hard to be classified into a specific genre, as it is the result of mixing different musical styles together. Most of his tracks form a special mix between classical, orchestral, rock, metal, techno, and oriental music, which is the music that he originally grew up with.

Many of Kareem’s compositions are instrumental tracks, focusing on arrangement, harmony, catchy melodies, and timing to create moods with different tastes. He believes that music doesn’t necessarily need lyrics to deliver a message. For that reason, movie soundtrack composing is one of Kareem's biggest musical assets.