Kareem  Darwish

Kareem Darwish

 Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

The music is instrumental guitar music, that showcases a wide rage of influences. Along the lines of Satriani and Vai with the added elements of world music.


Hi, I'm a Guitar/Bass teacher for over 10 years. I also write and compose a wide range of music. The music on my current project is Instrumental Guitar music. I have always felt that Guitar music was incredibly expressive. Instrumental music sometimes can say even more, than music with words. I decided to use this format to tell the tale of a spiritual journey that I started when I first began to play the guitar. So the title of the CD is called "Tales of Power". The song "Color's of a Dream" has been featured in Guitar Players Big Eight. Instrumental guitar music with some world flavors as well.


Color's of A Dream

Written By: Kareem Darwish



My Cd is not yet fully completed. It should be good to go by the Fall.