Karega Ani

Karega Ani

 Houston, Texas, USA
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I mix funk and fearlessness. My lyrics are Intimately connected to the depths of my depression and the apex of my triumph. My work is true-timely and timeless. Cerebral and visceral. Powerful, soulful, dynamic and pure. Tried by fire, I've emerged refined and driven. Listen and be changed.


Karega Ani is a performance poet and music producer from Houston, TX. For more than a decade, he's been busy developing his unique production style, living by the credo that diligent preparation must always precede presentation. In composing, Karega draws from a wide range of influences, from Hip Hop to straight ahead Jazz, from gospel to funk, from down home blues to hot buttered Soul. As such, he creates soundscapes that are as timeless as they are timely. He's had the pleasure of working with a myriad of artists representing a wide range of genres (Amp Fiddler, Veronique Grice, Yaminah Brock, Malik Alston, Corey Stoot, Pirahnahead, Mahogany Browne, et al.). As a performance poet, he has brought crowds across the country to their feet, to a frenzy, to tears, to stunned silence and face to face with their own innermost feelings. He ‘s also had the honor of having shared the stage with literary luminaries such as Sunni Patterson, Talaam Acey, Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, The Last Poets, The Welfare Poets, Bryonne Bain, Mutabaruka and so many more. He has also gained valuable experience performing as a nationally recognized Slam Poet:
• 2002-2004 Member of the Houston National Poetry Slam Team (8th place overall finish in the 2002 National Poetry Slam)
• 2006 Member of the Detroit National Poetry Slam Team
In 2003 he released his debut CD, “Open”. The Houston Press said “this is advent garde and a departure from the norm of the Houston Hip-Hop sound”. He released his next offering in 2005 entitled “The Eyes of the World”. According to Karega, ”This project incorporated more musical influences than the first, pulling from world music, rock, and jazz. It was like a gumbo. This project was better planned. I was more focused, my writing and my arranging had evolved, as had my themes. The subject matters included, romance abortion, sexual assault and social political issues...”

Karega’s newest album, entitled “Concentrated Substance: The Chronicles of a Hopeless Optimist”, is a furtherance of that evolution. After 6 years away from recording, a multitude of experience, including becoming a single father of one and multiple cross country moves, Karega Ani has re-emerged more mature, more focused and more refined. Concentrated Substance features contributions from internationally renowned performance poet Sunni Patterson, vocalists Michele Thibeaux and Marium “Echo” Rattler, DJ Klinch, saxophonist extraordinaire Darren Gholston, the legendary Amp Fiddler and many, many more. Karega Ani has come of age, and the evolution of this lyricist is not to be missed. “Concentrated Substance: The Chronicles of a Hopeless Optimist” rises 8/18/11 (multiple album release events TBA).

Karega Ani’s creativity is a manifestation of the musical influences that he grew up on. He states “I grew up on old school/golden era hip hop and soul music. It was and is honest music. From Motown to Native Tongue, Stax, Soul II Soul, Isaac Hayes, Loose Ends, Rakim, Jerry Butler, Gangstarr, Curtis Mayfield, The Stylistics, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, RUN DMC, The Pharcyde, The New Birth, Gamble and Huff, etc, etc. It is all the foundation of what I do. Music is always playing in my head and producing it allows me to share with the world what is occurring in my inner space. It is my catharsis. It is my passion. It is my life, and I do this because I was created to do so.”

He is a father, a creator, a healer, a son, a brother, a lover and friend.

He is The Rebel Scribe, Karega Ani.

Please direct all serious inquiries to Karega.ani@gmail.com


Inhaling Heaven

Written By: Karega Ani

I live to inhale your heaven
To swim in your inner abyss
To sip
and lick
the hallucinogenic sap dripping from the two lips in your secret garden
sweet heart I am high
Inebriated by the mixed scents of vanilla incense
and uninhibited femininity
I spend my waking minutes envisioning the chimera
of your sun kissed unblemished skin undulating and drenched
in me
in you
in us
we meet beneath neon marquees and star constellations
when the city sleeps and the senses awaken
anticipating generating heat in crimson tinted chambers
anticipating breaking the bed frame and waking the neighbors
see baby I’m anxiously anticipating insatiable tongues
honey glazed faces
and sticky fingers
baby I need to see you sweat
see I came here
to take you there
to witness you glistening and grimacing in ecstasy
I am a bit of a fanatic I will admit
I mean I am a bit obsessed with
the lascivious image of your exquisite skin jiggling and shivering
your frantic fingers gripping sheets and reaching into empty space
I am simply addicted to hearing your delirious screams
repeated over and over in ever escalating octaves until your eyes roll back
trapped in a spastic convulsion
eyes wide open
mind blown
God is not my name
but thank you anyway baby
you lay prostrated
collapsed in the afterglow
your essence dances on my tongue as a mystic memento
slowly I drift into REM sleep
hoping to again meet the sweetest dream I’ve ever seen
and anyone who really knows me
knows you to be inexplicably woven into my speech
voodoo witchy woman that you are
ubiquitous gentle twister you haunt me
seeping into my blood and creeping into my subconscious
embracing my perceptions and caressing them until
every image within them is twisted into your likeness
Miss you’re like this living rhythm
a hypnotic overture washing over my senses
scintillating and lyrical sweet sable siren song
constantly calling me back for more
baby I live for this embrace
you are the air that I breathe
and I can’t wait to see you again


Solo Project - Open (2003)
Solo Project - Eyes of the World (2004)
BlackVegaz - Grand Entrance (2009) - All tracks produced by Karega Ani
Solo Project - Concentrated Substance: The Chronicles of a Hopeless Optimist (2011)