Karen and Amy Jones

Karen and Amy Jones

 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Karen and Amy Jones are classically-trained vocalists (and sisters) who traded opera arias for guitars and now perform together as an acoustic rock duo in the northeastern US. Fans draw enthusiastic comparisons to Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart), Liz Phair and The Indigo Girls.


Karen and Amy Jones are singers, sisters and songwriters known for their melodic vocal lines and tight harmonies. Both classically-trained vocalists, they traded opera arias for acoustic guitars and now perform as an acoustic rock duo in the northeastern United States.

Two songwriters with very different styles, the girls treat audiences to a diverse collection of melodic and harmony-heavy songs ranging from hooky pop-rock to dark, dissonant ballads. Fans have drawn comparisons to Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart, The Indigo Girls, Liz Phair and fellow Pennsylvania rockers Live, but they have a sound all their own.

Karen and Amy couple accomplished voices with well-constructed melodies, soaring harmonies and passionate, personal lyrics. Listeners can expect a curvy ride through hopeful, catchy rants to sad, soulful lamentations, delivered by two sisters who commit to every note.

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Press and Awards:
"The vocal harmonies are angelic...4 out of 5 stars." - Wildy's World

"Karen & Amy have been compared to Ann and Nancy Wilson and the Indigo Girls, but are clearly forging their own path as a congruous force with all tools to conquer triple-A radio and beyond." - Billboard Discoveries

Exceptional songwriting, solid...acoustic guitar over beautiful vocals. This is a rare and sure to rise musical duo. - Tom Malm, Concert Promoter & Industry Veteran

They've got a connection that makes for intense performances and a great vocal blend of tight harmonies." - Pulse Weekly

Selected to perform in World Cafe Lives Beta Hi-Fi Songwriter Sessions | 2009

Rain among Top 10 favorite songs of 2008, as voted on by listeners of the Acoustic Diner Radio Program

Rain selected for GoGirlsMusic 2008 Compilation CD

Finalist in Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition | 2008 and 2009

Nominated for 9 Lehigh Valley Music Awards: 2008 and 2007 | Nominated for Best Duo, Best Female Vocalists, and Best Band Website; 2006 | Nominated for Best New Band, Best Duo, and Best Female Vocalists

Top 10 Finalist, Georges Music 30th Anniversary Songwriting Contest for Spend A Little Time

Several songs selected as Track of the Day on Garageband.com

"King of the Stage" Finalist, Chaplin's Music Cafe | 2006

Top 4 Finalist in Lehigh Valley Acoustic Performance Competition | 2006

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Some Places We've Played:
Eddie's Attic

PA / NJ / NY:
Arts on the Avenue *
Barnes & Noble
Bitter End
Blue Monkey
Carneys Other Room
Cedar Crest College
Chaplin's Music Cafe
Crocodile Rock
Crossroads Coffee House *
Doc Watsons
Fergies Pub
Fig Cafe & Hookah Lounge *
First Friday Doylestown *
Grape Street Pub
Gryphon Cafe *
Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia
Hometown Heroes
Infusion Cafe *
The Irish Pol
Java Lounge *
KatManDu *
LOVE Park *
McCooles Arts & Events Center
The Meadows
Regency Cafe *
Triumph Brewing Company *
Wildflower Cafe *
World Cafe Live

Lakewood Country Club (opened for Hal Ketchum)

* We currently have, or have had, residencies or recurring gigs at these venues.

2nd Annual Fetzer Fest | 2009
State Fair of Texas | 2008
Dewey Beach Music Festival | 2008
Utica Music Festival | 2008
Cape May Singer/Songwriter Festival | 2008
Millennium Music Conference | 2008
Fairmount Arts Crawl | 2008
Independent Music Conference | 2007

Radio Airplay:
WXPN 88.5 FM Philadelphia | www.xpn.org
WSTW 93.7 FM Delaware | www.wstw.com
The Acoustic Diner | coolvibesradio.podomatic.com
The O List on RadioVolta | www.voltaradio.com
The Owls Roost on RadioVolta | www.voltaradio.com
Best Unheard Music | www.live365.com/stations/unheardmusic
Women of Substance Radio | www.live365.com/stations/breenoble
Acoustic Philly | acousticphilly.podbean.com

Member of:
The Philadelphia Songwriters Project

Affiliated with:
Musicians On Call
LIFEbeat The Music Industry Fights Aids



Written By: K. Jones

words and music by K. Jones
© 2007 Karen and Amy Jones

It's a little bit sad, the way you let them own you
It's a little bit grey, with all these walls around you
It's a little bit wrong, this thing you say
It's a little bit ugly around here today

But it's not about love
No, it's not about love
It's about the rain you bring down
On everyone you love
No, it's not about love
It is not about us
It's about the rain you bring down
On everyone you love

It's a little bit dark, up in your head
It's a little messed up, that I was in your bed
I got a little bit crazy over you
Now I'm a little bit angry, but that's what you do
It's what you do



Written By: K. Jones

words and music by K. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

Worship me baby, tag along and feed
Take what you need
Your love, your love, your love it gives me speed
You’re rotten to the core, you left me stranded on your shore
It only made me want you more
And so I ride along with you

Talk to me baby, tell me words I want to hear
Whisper in my ear
My love, my love, my love it brings you fear
You’re rotten to the bone, for making me your home
A temporary loan
To make me ride along with you

Play for me baby, write your songs of love for me
Only for me
Your voice, your voice, your voice stings like a bee
It goes right through me
You’re rotten, you are low, but I sure enjoyed the show
Just don’t stop before you go
Cause I might ride along with you
Yeah, I’ll still ride along with you

Strange Lullaby

Written By: A. Jones

Strange Lullaby
words and music by A. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

The shadows growing longer
And talking heads are praying
Around you

The fallen growing fatter
The faultless hide behind
Close your eyes

And so we wait
For history to break

The broken cry to heaven
The restless cry to heaven,
Nothing here

Right Turn

Written By: K. Jones

Right Turn
words and music by K. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

She took a break from all the nothing
Stepped back from all the lovely people milling
Looked right through the life he was selling
And made a right turn
She made a right turn

Over the hill and through the woods
To see what she was missing
She bagged a few wolves, a few big bad wolves
Over the hill to find what she was missing

She learned to hold on
She knows she can hold on

Good luck, good riddance
Hold on to your sadness, it makes you different
And as you cross that line keep your distance
You're over the line
You're way over that line


Cover Me

Written By: Karen Jones

Cover Me
words and music by K. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

[verse 1]
Take advantage, take exception
Take your map 'cause I've got my own direction
Take it all 'cause I won't need it when you're done with me

[verse 2]
Make believe your good intentions
Try to justify them to your conscience
Under-rated, over-jaded, all that matters now is the line created

But I don't mind, no I don't mind

You don't see that I am hollow
You don't know why I'm so cold
You would rather I just swallow these pieces whole

[verse 3]
Kick me out, take me in
Let me walk the line for all your sins
Just promise that you'll cover me when I'm down and out and under siege

Say you won't mind, say you won't mind


I am not what I thought I was to you

Make believe your good intentions
But you're not worth another mention

The Years

Written By: A. Jones

The Years
words and music by A. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

Like a dying leaf
Near a tearing flame
You are beautiful

The years you have taken
The life you have wasted

Like a whispered prayer
Begging for exile
These games that you play
Shatter me




The Things That He Breaks

Written By: K. Jones

The Things That He Breaks
words and music by K. Jones
© 2009 Karen and Amy Jones

Never again will I take this ugly behavior
Packed in a suitcase, only only only to go
North for the winter
I sold my soul back to you

I could tell you stories
But not now, not while it's sunny here
There's enough time
To share these desperate things

So you take it and you take it
But he never replaces the things that he breaks
And when you get sick of faking it
He will never believe it, he'll never believe it

Off on my own I saw beauty living
She made her home out of paper and words
Regret is nothing to her
Lessons learned

Your air is stifling
Crazy that I hung around
Breathing was never easy
But it's easier now


Why don't you shove me down a little further
I am not face down in dirt quite yet
I think this must be fun for you
I tried to be dumb for you
But it didn't quite work

So I take it and I take it
But you never replace all the things that you break


Debut CD "Daphne in Winter" released July 2009. Actively looking for album reviews - free CD for reviewers available upon request.

Other Recordings:
GoGirlsMusic 2008 Compilation CD – release date Oct 2008
George’s Music 30th Anniversary Compilation CD – release date Apr 2008
2008 Philly Love Compilation (Jar Records) - release date Feb 2008
Chill Out: East Coast Edition (Quickstar Productions) - release date Jan 2008

Set List

We currently have over 25 original acoustic rock songs and are very willing to open for more established artists and play in-the-round with other up-and-coming artists. Our overall sound is on the mellow side of rock (think Tori Amos, Liz Phair, Alice in Chains, U2, etc.)

We prefer to perform our original material, but will play covers at venue's request. Covers include songs by the following artists:

Alanis Morrisette
Alice in Chains
Annie Lennox
Band of Horses
Billy Idol
Chris Isaak
Dave Matthews Band
Fleetwood Mac
Green Day
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
KT Tunstall
Led Zeppelin
Neil Young
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Peter Gabriel
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Sarah McLachlin
Simon & Garfunkel
Smashing Pumpkins
The Cure
The Indigo Girls
The Who
Tom Petty
Tori Amos
…and more!