karen cross newsum

karen cross newsum


The music that I play has been described as everything from folk to inspirational, jazz to contemporary Christian. I am a performing songwriter.


The music I write is mostly based on life experiences and often an overflow of my relationship with God.


I released a CD entitled, "30 Years in the City" in February 2006. The title is based on my experience going back to the small town where I was raised. I also have snippets of my CD on www.indieheaven.com. On of my songs will be on an internet radio station in the near future. The song is entitled, "God is STill Good."

Set List

I have played gigs lasting from 1 hour to 3 hours with all original material.

Sample Set List:

She's Just Gone Country
Life's All About Waiting
Just Another Boy
Good Thing Going
Don't Burst Her Bubble
Good At Lovin' You
The Last Breath of Hope
I Won't Need
Bits of Faded Rose Petals
He Calls Me Princess
Nobody Knew
God Is Still Good
Just One Time
I Told You So
The Love of the Father
Sacrifice of Praise
Angel on Loan
Fish Tales
God's Time
Black and White 56 Chevrolet
Butterflies are Free
Fly with Me
For the Love of God
All Aboard
Cease Your Striving
What If
Looking Back
That Really Counts