Karen Fay

Karen Fay


Great vocals, fused with catchy melodies and simple arrangements that let the music take center stage.


Karen Fay has been songwriting for many years, collaborating with and singing backup vocals for bands in Arizona, California and beyond the borders of the United States. Her music easily crosses over into many genres, with lyrics that are thought-provoking and introspective.

With friends repeatedly urging her to make a cd of her own, Karen recorded the five-song EP “But Anyway...” in May 2003. During these sessions, she met Jim Woodling (Phunk Junkeez) and Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, House of Lords) who invited Karen to work with them in the future. In February 2004, she joined them in the studio to record "Empiric Lyric”.

Music has always been an important part of Karen's life. “When I was younger, my dad was always listening to music...The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert. My mom played steel guitar in a band when she was a teenager, and she has always played piano and sang at church. She listened to a lot of country, gospel and bluegrass music.” Karen fondly remembers riding around in the backseat listening to the radio and singing along with her brother and sister, soaking up everything she heard. “There was always music playing in our house and in the car. We may not have liked every song, but we were exposed to loads of great music.”

Although Karen's strong vocals have been compared to artists such as Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Patty Smyth, and Linda Ronstadt, she offers an impressive sound all her own. Her solid vocals, fused with clever lyrics and an energetic, simple sound, make for a refreshing aural experience.

While Karen is continuing to collaborate and record with other artists and bands, her primary focus is media opportunities and songwriting for established artists. She is currently recording (March-April 2007) new material with Jim Woodling and Scott Johnson (Gin Blossoms).


Empiric Lyric, Released April 2004, 10-Song CD
"Don't Know", "Love Is Here" and "He's Leavin" are being played on several internet radio stations, college radio stations and independent radio stations.

But Anyway..., Released August 2004, 5-Song EP

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Set List

Set lengths are flexible...depending on the venue, and whether the set is acoustic or with a full band. Typically, the set length is 45 minutes to one hour and consists of original music. I can play in whatever set-up is desired...as a solo artist, an acoustic set or with a full band.