Karen Ires

Karen Ires

 New York City, New York, USA

Lots of lyrics lots of guitars and lots of stars cars and hotel bars


With her gem-like tunes, Karen Ires has always drawn a devoted response from Manhattan’s downtown music scene, where people have compared her skillful performances to the likes of Liz Phair and Aimee Mann.
Now with the recent release of her self-titled debut CD and subsequent live EP, Karen has since found her songs featured on the MTV show Undressed, the prestigious NEMO compilation CD, the film Anarchy TV, and numerous radio stations. Her song “Great Beyond” won 3rd place in the folk category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest; and in the Just Plain Folks songwriting contest, her song "Star" won second place out of nearly 35,000 entries, her album placing 4th within the singer-songwriter category.
Enjoying the spotlight on several internet music sites, Karen also consistently tops the indie and pop charts on mp3.com, where her song "One Closed Eye" was chosen to be on their CD: Best Alt. Rock on the Net. She's also been interviewed by The Women of MP3.com, and has earned a place on JavaMusic.com's promotional CD and a feature on Farmclub.com as a recommended alternative artist.
Mark Kirby of Musicdish writes, "Her sense of character and bizarre narrative could make her a great short-story writer…she takes a half-heard scrap of conversation and fills in all the blanks, thus, creating these intimate, arresting songs." GnomeAudio comments, "her vocals are cloaked in a kind of velvet atmosphere that puts her in a category all her own," while Tropia.com writes, "Karen Ires could convince anyone to try to love again…she sings with that aching pop goddess indifference that has qualified artists as different as Nico and Fiona Apple."
Karen regularly tours throughout the Northeast. Recent performances include the Just Plain Folks Road Trip, a benefit with Lloyd Cole, and opening for Thom Yorke from Radiohead at a surprise underground show in Manhattan. Karen also continues to contribute music and voice-overs to commercials and film.


One Closed Eye

Written By: Karen Ires

Can’t sleep can’t drink can’t smoke cause I can’t breathe
Won’t fly too far won’t fall too long will I

Out of all the pretty suns in the sky
How many lights can you see with one closed eye

Does she talk like you Does she think like you
Have you ever really noticed that she doesn’t have to try
Do you feel the same Some things never change
You’ve gotten off so easy in the twinkling of an eye

But I want to say what I cannot say
as I am walking into the back of your regard
Cause some things never change
and I remain the same and I could do this now
a thousand different times tonight

Out of all the pretty suns in the sky
How many lights can you see with one closed eye

I really don’t mind if you fake it
and I really don’t mind if you save it
and I’m falling I’m falling I’m falling yeah
I’m drifting I’m drifting I’m drifting yeah
I’m falling I’m falling I’m falling oh yeah

Great Beyond

Written By: Karen Ires

she gets you alone takes off your clothes
so you pour her a drink and hope she passes out
then you climb out of bed in your grandfather’s car
drive all around till you’re a star

and nobody could see
the heart you’ve got that beats for me
is an old simulation
and oh where will you land
you’re in the great beyond

bleed into your hat recover your tracks
in somebody else’s high-heeled shoes
while I work in bars opening doors
for prettier ladies and their dogs

and nobody could see
the heart I’ve got that beats for me
is an old simulation
and oh where will I land I’m in the great beyond

I’m done till I become what you’ve been looking for

why can’t you be still why must you just wait until
everything that you wanted is gone
and why do you need to prove you’re special
when you are

Hotel Room

Written By: Karen Ires

Tie me to the tracks
and leave me here to die
I’m stuck in this hotel room
without a guy
Do you know my age
Do you still love my face
the way you once did
before you walked away

Never miss a trick
Did you ever miss the chance
to cut me down to the quick
you’re a real big man
The key to my salvation
the key to my surprise
some kind of visitation from the other side
I found you
I lost you
I lost you

what if everything you want is everything that you get
what if everything you want is everything that you get
would you be satisfied


Karen Ires
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