Karen Larson

Karen Larson

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Powerfully raw and soulful. Karen has the gift to hit the nerve of honesty that everyone has felt or experienced at one time. You know she's been there. The melodies are hypnotizing mixed with a rich full timbre soulful voice that cuts a power range then takes you down gently. Attracts all ages.


The music is pure and full of heart and soul. Karen's vocals are gifted, rich, full, sweetly and incredibly powerful. They take you on a ride, gentle then kick your butt and her lyrics do the exact same thing. The melodies are infectious and can move one to near tears at times.


Four song EP to date named 'Love Karen.'

Set List

A set list for us depends on the gig/show and what is required. We're capable and have the material to play three sets of 45 min each if needed or we can play a set of 9 or 10 for a show on a festival stage. We also can play as either a duo with just guitar and keyboards or with the full band.