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Oakland, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Oakland, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop



The best kept secret in music



With so much misinformation, paranoia, fear & propaganda flooding the media, we've been well overdue for some good news. So what is The Good News & what's it sound like? Karen Less, young emcee out of Oakland, California, dreams up her own version of "The Good News", delivering 14 tracks of honest, common sense, introspective, intelligent storytelling raps over smooth buttery soul sample driven Mike Fish production.
Officially her debut album, Karen Less welcomes you immediately into her soul and her struggles as a human being, in contrast to past hip hop artists who wouldn't let you into their more vulnerable selves until their 2nd or 3rd albums. She's so comfortable in her skin as an emcee and a songwriter. From the gates, she lets you know that she's "not trippin'" & here to do her, explore where she may and learn what she must on her journey. Basically, her lyrical persona is something like a female Fonzi, the utter epitome of "cool", & its obvious to a head that she's a true learned student of Hip Hop. Karen keeps it oh-so-funky & oh-so-Oakland! Her voice & her style compliment the homey Mike Fish's production, laced up with that good classical soul hip hop hotness! They both totally in the pocket with this one. Together they've created some dope timeless music that bridges generation gaps of old & new, all the while staying true to the essence & that there, my friends, is "The Good News".

Out of the 14 tracks on the album, my personal favorite song is "Struggle To Grow". This that type of song that'll make a player change his ways, a gangsta cry and an Athiest pray to a higher power. Surreal talk! - YellowCake Radio

"Karen Less "Forgive Easy" video"

Debut music video from Oakland hip hop artist Karen Less, “Forgive Easy”, produced by Mike Fish & directed by SuYen Averroes. The video is an honest peak into Karen Less’s everyday life in Oakland, CA taking you to the places she lives and hangs out at. Her first album, “The Good News”, has been met with great success garnering positive reviews & play around her Bay Area stomping grounds where she’s made a household name for herself as a performing artist. Currently, Karen Less resides in New York where she continues pursuing her career as a hip hop artist. For more information, follow her on IG: @karen_less_hiphop” - Rising Hype

"Karen Less "Struggle to Grow" Video review"

Oakland's very own Karen Less debuts her latest visual offering with, Struggle To Grow from her THE GOOD NEWS album. Her lyrical ability and jazzy flow makes her music easily accessible and refreshing upon listening. She's super nice on the mic and has the beauty to match.

Women with #bars seems to be rare in a male dominated rap industry, but she solidifies her position in this game and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Check out her latest offering. - Slique Review

"Karen Less Album Review"

“I just listened to that Karen Less album! Wow! That shit is like if Biggie and Lil Kim had a love child and that child was raised by Queen Latifa in Oakland and hung out with her crazy aunts Lady Of Rage and Da Brat all day! Production is on that boom bap ‘ish with lots of surprises sprinkled in! Song 5 and 11 were some standouts! Nice work you two! Wait till the fucking world hears this shit! Brace yo self!!!”

DJ sorski - DJ Sorski

"Karen Less "The Good News" Album Review"

"It’s solid–soulful. I listened to it probably about ten times straight through. None of that skippin around. It put tears of joy in my eyeballs and a smile on my kisser to hear another rapper bringing back generous positivity.” “The heartfelt, workin-hard, truth-talkin mentality comes through beautifully.” “The youthful knowledge Karen’s coming with resonates too. It’s good to be reminded of some deep and simple things now and then.” “The Good News should bump the earth back on its axis and screw some heads on backwards to set these suckers straight.”

Michael Roberts - Michael Roberts


Still working on that hot first release.



Karen Less is an Oakland female emcee who spits street knowledge with soul. Her debut album, “The Good News”, has been met with great acclaim & success in her local bay area stomping grounds. Her voice & her words are refreshing yet reminiscent of golden age hip hop predecessors like MC Lyte, Queen Latifah & Ladybug Mecca. She recently finished the recording of her work with Smooth Beast and album will be releasing soon. She is also working on her mixtape and collaborating with artists in NY and the Bay Area.  

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