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Karen Maria Schleifer

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You just can't miss seeing Curly Karen live. A combination of her Broadway roots, harmonizing in multiple rock bands in L.A. and her percussion background flowing w/ a voice that breaks all the boundaries. Originals from a NYC girl that sings a story you'll remember forever!


Late October, and Karen Maria Schleifer is born into a Staten Island kind of world, full of warmth, eggplant parmesan, family and music. Her mother and father (born during the depression) keep the radio on day and night, and Karen Maria grows up with everything from Glenn Miller to Motown. The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, and Pat Benetar are her constant companions. Perhaps this is where her creative spirit was born, or maybe it was later, during her stint in the Broadway production of Annie and afterwards, as she submersed herself in New York's theatre and cabaret world. Or even later, when she became involved in the Los Angeles artistic scene: producing theatre, promoting bands, participating in festivals-- you name it. Probably, it is a combination of all these experiences that has made Karen Maria Schleifer the consummate performer she now presents to audiences across the country. These are the reasons why her music is so accessible, why she is equally comfortable performing a solo set at the Derby, or jamming in the open air, surrounded by like-minded artistic people at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival.

After establishing herself as a vocal force in the LA music scene – and teaming up with such bands as Anus, Patty Medina, Thriftstore Cowboy, and mentor Jonathan Dyke (Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming) -- Karen Maria began writing her own music. Her style has rapidly evolved into a unique mix of bluesy rock and groove that never loses sight of the story she needs to tell. The songs on her first album, "Only the Ocean", produced by Brad Gordon, document her journey over the past few years, and reflect on the relationships that have truly shaped her. Karen Maria celebrates birth "Ghosts Come at Night" and death "Realized For Now," and all the milestones in between. The album is intensely personal, yet anyone listening is sure to find a line or an idea that resonates, because Karen Maria always sings the truth. “Only the Ocean” has sold more than 500 albums to date. She is currently recording her sophomore album (title TBD) in Ocean City, Maryland with musical producers Steven & Michael Cirile -- scheduled to be released in the fall of 2004.

Karen Maria’s songs are often heartrending, but tempered with wit and a wink at the absurdity of the world. It is her hope to share her experiences with as many people as possible-- to travel the country and exchange, taste, reveal and admire. Or, to use her own words: "I'm living in the quintessential/ and reaching for the optimum/ I never really knew my girth/ until I stretched across the earth/... Onward, all love, no fear."

Karen Maria has performed such notable venues as the Whiskey A Go Go, The Hotel Cafe, The Derby, 14 Below and Taix Lounge in Los Angeles and Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, The Baggot Inn,
The C-Note, The Duplex and Rose’s Turn in New York City – just to name a few.

For booking information – please email karen@curlykaren.com or call 646-342-0067



Written By: Karen Maria Schleifer

As serendipity melts into my life, I see your face,
And I ask the gods what they had in mind this time.

You stood before me and shined so bright on a late summer night,
And now that I recall, I saw your face and thought that I may fall…

Over my heels, over my head,
Over my heels, over my head,
Over my heels, over my head for you.

You took me by the hand, which lead you straight to my heart.
You had me just by breathing.

Aw gee, who me, how can this be happening, it’s happening and I can’t see,
Anywhere else that I could possibly be but…

Over my heels, over my head,
Over my heels, over my head,
Over my heels, over my head …

Oh life does change direction, although we have objections,
When we had our first glance I knew I didn’t stand a chance.

I wish to stand before you, with open arms adore you.
Wherever you may be I hope you’re coming back to me…

As serendipity melts into my life, I see
Your face and I ask Jesus and Judah and Noah and Buddha
How that night, I could know I’d love you with all my might

And they said, in one voice, “WHY FIGHT IT??”…

Over my heels, over my head
Over my heels, over my head
I’m head over heels, over head over heels, over head over heels,
over head over heels over …

Over my heels, over my head…

Better Girl

Written By: Karen Maria Schleifer

She walks up her stony stairs and slips her key into the gate
She does this every day and night as she entertains her fate
She looks across her cluttered room, to see his picture in a frame
Still wondering as she cries aloud, if she’s the one to blame..

And there’ll be no more yesterdays, still less care-free ways
The memories just seem to fade cause the pain’s too bad to live with everyday
There’ll be a lot more time to try, with another magnificent guy
She can’t forget though she has to try, to be the better girl

She grabs the picture in her hands, it’s all she can hold on to
Picks up the phone and dials his, even though she knows it’s wrong to
With a frown and then a smile she hangs it up, she puts it down
Walks right back outside her front door, to see if someone sent the clowns

And there’ll be no more yesterdays, still less care-free ways
The memories just seem to fade cause the pain’s too bad to live with everyday
There’ll be a lot more time to try, feel like you could reach the sky
You’ll remember those wings you grew to fly, and be the better girl

But oh how good it felt and yeah, he made her melt
She even soaked him in when no-one else could penetrate her skin
Who’s the one to blame, doesn’t it seem a goddammed shame
When all that’s left of them is rain

And there’ll be no more yesterdays, still less care-free ways
The memories they never fade, pain gone, void here to stay
There’ll be a lot more time to try, don’t know how don’t know when,
but this is why
She’s got a heart of gold and a twinkle in her eye, cause she’s the better girl

Yeah she’s the better girl.

Judah & 9

Written By: Karen Maria Schleifer

Hey meet me at Judah & 9
We'll have some mighty tasty wine
We'll talk about the love we made
and how we danced so unafraid
It seems to not go is a crime,
I'll see you at Judah & 9

You'll ring the bell and walk the hall
And right upstairs you'll have it all
There is a certain something there
Who knows maybe it's in the air
Jump right in the water's fine
Right over at Judah & 9..

... instrumental bridge...

There lived a man with big blue eyes
I thought he'd never tell me lies
Was kinda swell and awful sweeet
Unlike the guys I usually meet
I thought one day he'd be all mine
All starting at Judah & 9

Well in the end girl I was wrong
He didn't last for very long
Rested his head on my pillow
And then he said he had to go
You see in fact he had no spine
It lived at old Judah & 9


"Only the Ocean" - Debut CD (Independently released July 2003 - sold over 1,000 copies to date)

"Yes, You Can Touch It" (Sophomore album, release Date tba)

Set List

Sets vary depending on time allotted... ... all originals... I have over 30+ songs to choose from...