Karen Mukupa Band

Karen Mukupa Band


The combination of Afro, soul, hip-hop and reggae is precisely what makes Karen Mukupa one of a kind, showing an outgoing direct force and love for the music you rarely meet. A great desire to build bridges between her African and European background has been accomplished with the 2012-album “Human”


Born under the sign of Aries, in Lusaka, Zambia, she confined at a young age to her Danish father that one day she would become a musician. Living back and forth between 2 continents, she mainly grew up in Tanzania up until 1989. At the age of 15 she moved to Denmark alone, to get an education. By the beginning of the 1990s Karen Mukupa represented one half of the Danish highly respected hip-hop / reggae phenomenon "No Name Requested". The duo consisted of the late reggae queen of Denmark, Natasja, and Mukupa herself and they are till this day still remembered as a phenomenon that revolutionized Danish hip hop and reggae.
‘No Name requested’ never achieved releasing a whole album but 2 singles found its way to the Danish Hip-hop underground scene with success. Later in 2000 she released her first solo album ‘Mukupa’s Law’ and again in 2002 released her second album ‘2nd base’.

She ís back, many seasons later with her album ‘Dreamer’ (2009). The music on this album is a unique mix of reggae, Afro, Latin, a hint of hip-hop, and last but not least RnB, which makes the expression very unique. ‘Dreamer’ is produced by several producers; Tom J., boom clap bachelors and Food Palace Music consisting of Freshi, Rasmus Allin (also Junkyard Production) and chief producer Pharfar. This collaboration has created a red thread, all through the diverse songs on the album and Karen ís now more than ready to rock it!!
She has preformed live and on album with Kid Creole on her version of ‘Annie I’m not your daddy’. She has supported acts like Queen Latina, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-one, Black moon, Mad professor, Massive Attack and Destinyís Child.

Now, in 2012, Karen Mukupa is introducing her new album called ”Human”. The album which is a natural step forward in Karen Mukupa’s quest for her musical roots. Her biracial background has left a clear mark on this new album. While the music is Afro-beat inspired, the love for reggae and hip-hop shines clearly through – a style that she was very
successful with in her early career. “Human” is an uncompromising album that shows Karen’s natural talent and her ability to stand on her own feet in search of her own sound.

Karen tells: “I’ve always had a great desire to build bridges between my African and European background and that seems to have been accomplished with “Human”. It’s pop, but has a twist of both African and hip-hop. In addition to Danish and English, I speak Swahili fluently. Therefore, it was natural to me, to have a couple of songs in Swahili too”.

The combination of Afro, soul, hip-hop and reggae is precisely what makes her one of a kind on the Danish music scene. Showing an outgoing direct force and love for the music that you rarely meet in Scandinavia. The album was recorded partially live with her 6-piece orchestra, giving it an authentic live sound with plenty of organic elements. Combined with the quest for the perfect live show and the band’s passion for performing, these things makes the music shine.

Karen is a unique representative in Denmark for the mixed style of music she performs, and her music is not only requested in many contexts. Karen as a person with her very kind and professional attitude, personality and characteristic is very popular in TV-shows and broadcasts as well, as she is used by international companies in commercials. Please find link below to view the company Toms Gruppen A/S using Karen to promote their Gajol product through several advertising channels.
Karen is as well ambassador for a numbers of charities. E.g. the organization Care; please find also link below.


2012 - Release of "Human" album, VME
2010 - “Circles” – Ali Riddim produced by Pharfar
2010 - The title song for the youth series (Soccer girls) on Ramasjang, Danish television
2009 - Song for Danish national television’s Christmas calendar, on the web
2009 - “Mariehønen Evigglad” CD with Peter Belli
2009 - Release of “Dreamer” album, Cope Records
2002 - Release of “2nd base” Sony Music
2000 - Release of “Mukupa’s law Sony Music
1999 - Record deal with Sony music
1997 - “Too Much Man” (compilation: “RapOMania2”, CD, Virgin, 1997)
1996 - “The Link” (compilation: Cim expo, CD, Tocano Multimedia)
1992 - Published “Come ina the dance” - No Name Requested
1991 - Published “Colors of my mind” – No Name Requested
1991 - Record Contract with Mega Records
1991 - Feature Bass And Trouble: “African Continent”, "Apocalypse”