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The best kept secret in music


"What can't they do?"

Karenodie proved another welcome discovery. Apparently they have been performing around town for some time now and I'm surprised they escaped my attention. "Karenodie" is a nickname given to the singer by her brother, she writes the lyrics and melodies. Her husband Paul Davis, does the instrumentation, which includes a lot of programming for percussion. He also does an excellent job arranging, engineering, mixing and mastering the album. I was struck right away by the first track, "Terra Incognita," with birds and whistles lending a fairytale atmosphere. Karenodie's voice is an interesting mixture of Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux, but you can't pigeonhole the album that easily. Her vocal style is pliable, as is the music overall; they alternate easily between an adult contemporary sound and a more countryish feel. What can't they do? Thumbs up. - Anchorage Press




Feeling a bit camera shy


Diversity - Didn't Spock say that "the beauty of the universe is in its infinite diversity"? Well, hello from Little Miss Diversity! I've been singing over 300 cover tunes for the last 10 years. I can scream with Janis and swoon with Chris Isaak. I've sung Patsy Cline in black leather, Ella Fitzgerald in blue jeans, and Alanis in an evening dress. With my Gumby voice and renaissance passions, I'll never be a singer/songwriter whose songs all sound the SAME. I love all the music, and my originals incorporate the grooves of my favorite songwriters of the last 70 years. I've got titanium corners on my square peg, thus I'll never fit into the industry's little round holes. I won't sell out to get on the radio, but I'll write songs that are like onions. No, not stinky- full of layers of meaning and imagery. Songs that roll around in your head and make you think. Where would your spaghetti sauce be without those onions, and where would your brain be if you had to listen to mindless commercial drivel all the time? The VISION--I want a great little legacy of song that will be around in 100 years. In the meantime, if I can be the accompaniment to your pagan ritual on Friday night, or your lazy Sunday listening to CDs, well darling, I'm there!

I didn't have a stage mother who threw me into this business at the tender age of 8 or anything. I sang in choirs and such during high school, but hell, never got any solos, so I figured I sucked. Then a particular guy fell out of the sky (you'll have to read his bio for details.) Paul showed up with a Dan Fogelberg songbook, Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark", and a guitar. We sang together for fun and foreplay and before I knew it, he decided to become a professinal musician. I was dragged into bars to sing "just one song," so he could concentrate on his guitar playing. Before I knew it, I was there 5 nights a week, 9 pm until 3 am. I learned to relax my ramrod-straight nervous spine and cope with people falling into the microphone stand and slurred catcalls like "Give it to me, Baby! Give it to me!" Being sober in bars gave me lots of creative material (and blackmail material) to work with. Sneaking originals into the set-list led to tapping feet and positive feedback, so, work on an album began. Paul and I have been encouraged by our great Alaska fan base and success in songwriting contests like Alaska Public Radio Network's Song of the Year Contest. In 2000, we won the Best Pop-Rock Song of the Year with "Rollin' With the Devil." In 2002, we won Best Pop tune with "The Wind Through Kansas." I think the chances are pretty good that I don't suck. Hey, I've learned to live with the fact that I'll ever have the self promotional skills of Madonna! The muse of sound and silence has taken up residence with me, and as long as she hangs around, I'll be "Givin' it to you, Baby!"

You may be wondering where the goofy name came from. No Garfield references here! Karenodie "Karen ohh dee" is a nickname that my brother came up with when my family was stationed in Wakkanai, Japan. No one seems to remember how he came up with it, but after the initial disgust that his parents were still fooling around when he was 14, he came to like his baby sister. The nickname stuck and it always made me feel nice to be called Karenodie. Fast forward to the 90's and my search for a stage name that gave me a little separation from the fans that liked to call me at 5 am. Not to mention the secret desire to have one of those cool one-word names like Cher or Pink. So, there you have it---Karenodie