Karen Presnell

Karen Presnell


The songs I write all relate to expriences I have had since becoming a Christian. Each song is written with passion from the depths of my heart and soul. The only time I feel whole is during those precious hours I am writing for Him.


I lived most of my life in darkness until one glorious day when God opened my eyes to the light of His love. I had never written a song before that exprience. Melodies and words started stirring within me and soon I had several songs and a testimony to share with people around me. The desire to have my songs recorded is stronger now than ever and I hope this endeavor will prove to be fruitful.


That Angel Sat Upon the Stone

Written By: Karen Presnell

On a mornong long ago in a land far away. Three women walked upon the dew to see where Jesus lay. An angel met them there he said "be not afraid. Your Saviour's kept His promise He's risen from the grave."

That angel sat upon the stone while Jesus claimed the victory. He watched while Mary ran to tell her friends what she had seen. He rested in the power of Jesus resurrection, knowing death had been defeated and the world had been set free.

When Jesus conquered death the angels sang in glory. They danced around the throne giving praises to our King. They sang in one accord with humble adoration, saying "grave where is thy victory and death where is thy sting."

One morning while at church an angel stood before me. He preached about a man who could cleanse me from sin. He said to just accept him, rest and peace I then would find. I bowed my head in humble prayer, now victory is mine.

Set List

I usually sing in churches and my sets vary in length anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours. My songs include (all written by me) I'm Traveling with the Great I Am, A Smile of Grace, What's in Your House?, Out of the Darkness, That Angel Sat Upon the Stone, I'm Ready, Clothed and In My Right Mind, Thank You, etc.....