karen rontowski

karen rontowski


Karen has been working as a full time comedienne for over 20 years. Her clean observation comedy makes her perfect for any venue. She is a "Baby Boomer Hippie" who believes there is no time like the present to be living in the past. See Line Up for headline club list.


David Brenner says, “Even if you can't spell Karen Rontowski, you'd better remember it, because she is GREAT!”

Karen Rontowski is a New Age Hippie who believes there is no time like the present to be living in the past. Her upbeat and optimistic clean sense of humor has earned her spots opening for such show biz legends as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the Monkees.

Karen describes herself as having an optimistic outlook (even though her therapist describes her as being in complete denial). Either way everything is coming up roses when you talk to Karen!

Karen’s real touring trips (not the ones in her head) include 45 of the 50 states, Canada, Japan, Greenland and all over Europe where she entertained the troops with tales of her Polish father who once put a drawbridge on their house by mistakenly installing the garage door upside down.

Karen’s TV appearances include Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and Comics Unleashed. She is a regular on the Bob and Tom Radio Show where she often is asked about her second career as a paranormal investigator. “I am not afraid of ghosts, they’re just people who don’t know their dead yet. Like Michael Jackson.”

After performing in the encore production of David Brenner’s “What’s so funny?” and the TBS Comedy Festival, Karen filmed her own pilot called, Karen’s Supernatural Junkyard, a hilarious adventure in supernatural investigations. Just ask her about her ghost orbs!

She can also be seen in the movie shorts Return to Sender and Some Kind of Joke.
Supernatural Junkyard podcast…stay tuned.


CD- Karen Rontowski
President of the United States

All material written and performed by Karen Rontowski

Set List

Corporate show time 30-45 minutes
Clubs as agreed