Karen Segal

Karen Segal

 San Francisco, California, USA

original eclectic jazz: a wide stylistic pallete, including world, funk, latin, blues, folk, free, & straight ahead converge inside engaging compositions and quality musicianship


From playing free jazz in Copenhagen (Marilyn Mazur), funk (Power People) and big band in London (Cedric West), and acid jazz in Los Angeles (David Brown/Brazzaville, Elliot Caine) Karen's uniques style of guitar playing has been likened to Pat Metheny, John Scofield and John McLaughlin. Her original compositions tell instrumental stories that are complex and yet accessible to all audiences.


Karen Segal: "The Mystery of Life"
Karen Segal: "In The Moment"
Rhapsody: Women In Jazz Vol.9
Red Clay: "The Lower City"
Marsha Attie: "The Edge of the Cliff"
airplay on KCSM 91.1:
"In the Moment," "Why Didn't Ya Tell Me"

Set List

My trio will play for at least two hours without a break. The set list primarily consists of my original instrumental compositions with improvisations and interplay by the players Two or three familiar standards may be peppered into the set list. Sets may include any combination of jazz guitar, nylon string, electric, and steel string acoustic.