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"FBC, Calvert, TX"

Dear Karen,

I want to thank you for the great job you did during our revival services. Everything from the choice of music to the presentation seemed to be in tune with the Spirit's leadership.

You also did a wonderful job preparing a daily devotion for the women and leading it. I know the women truly enjoyed the message you brought to them each day.

Thanks for the wonderful way you worked with and related to our choir. They all just fell in love with you. You seemed to have brought out the best in them.

Thanks again for such a refreshing time.

Pastor Tony Moye - Pastor Tony Moye

"Champion Forest Baptist, Houston, TX"

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for a terrific evening with our Prime Timers at CFBC. You have such a heart for the ministry and it shows through your music. I know God is going to bless your ministry abundantly.

We are looking forward to your coming back in January. Until then we pray that God continues to impact your words in song.

Pat Hooker - Pat Hooker

"Innerfaith New Testament, Conroe, TX"

Dear Karen,

I would like to say thank you for coming to minister to us at Innerfaith. I have to admit I'm a bit leery when it comes to people coming to minister in music. However, it was such a delight to have you join us Sunday. What a blessing you were to us all.

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us how God has worked in your life, how He has been there for you and your family. It was not hard to see the love you have for both God and how you let His love for others flow through you. My wife still goes around the house singing the song "Walkin' with Jesus".

We look forward to seeing you again real soon and pray that God will continue to open doors for you to bring Him glory.

In Christ,
Pastor Larry McKee - Larry McKee, Pastor

"Religion Briefs (Oct. 8, 2004)"

CHRISTIAN ARTIST Karen Shadbolt of Conroe has been signed to a long term artist development contract with Incubator Creative Group of Santa Clara, Oregon. Karen is a resident of Conroe and plans an expansion of her Christian music ministry across the Southwestern Region. Incubator is a pioneer and innovator in the field of artist development, operating record label, management and booking divisions, as well as music publishing. Plans for Shadbolt include an intense 'boot camp' training period followed by the establishment of an active concert performance schedule and the eventual release of a recording on Incubator's label. For more information, call (936) 264-2364. - The Courier, Conroe, TX

"Triplestrand Productions"

Derek McCorkell
Radio Producer & DJ
True Spirit Powered Radio Show
Triplestrand Productions, MN, USA 55330
Tele 763 274 2711

Karen Shadbolt -- “Better Day”

The first thing that strikes you about this Album is the cover art. Karen is just a very photogenic lady -- this is a good thing LOL. The album contains ten tracks all written and composed and performed by Karen. This in itself is a rare thing these days to find a totally original album for there is usually at least 1 cover track in most Albums these days.

The Album is released under the Rushing Winds Records label and the production of the album is impeccable. It’s very evident that time was taken to ensure the best production on every track. Vocals and harmonies and instrumentation are faultless throughout, a real credit to the engineering of Gary Rushing.

The Album opens with “Jesus, the One and Only”, a nice mid to up-tempo praise song that immediately lets you hear the quality & timbre of Karen’s voice. This leads into a slow acoustic feel with the second track, “I Won’t Let Go”, which is a soothing acoustic ballad that Karen sings effortlessly. Track 3 “God of Endless Grace” shows the soft rock side of Karen with good use of vocal harmonies and a good driving bass -- this one gets your feet tapping. “Broken Bridges” track 4 takes you back to a mellower mood with a meaningful piano-based ballad. My second favorite track on the album is “The Road Less Traveled”, track 5 -- a good song lyrically and has a light almost Celtic feel to it, especially with the flute intro. Track 6, “Rock Of Ages” sees Karen rocking it up a little. Good vocals here and nice use of the Hammond type organ really fills this track out. Now my personal pick for best track on the Album is track 7, “Keep On Livin’” -- it catches you right from the start with an interesting guitar based intro. Vocals are excellent throughout and keep you interested without being too busy, the chorus chord progression wise reminds me of Eric Clapton’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. Maybe that’s why I like this one so much -- I’m a big fan of Clapton LOL. Track 8 is “Close to Me”, an intimate ballad that works well. Then comes track 9 “Who You Are”, which to me is the most commercial track on the entire CD and if released as a single to radio in my opinion would do very well. The final track, number 10 is “Good and Faithful One”, again a good track both lyrically and musically and provides a fitting end to what really is a most engaging CD. This being my first encounter with Karen Shadbolt and her music would definitely lead me to wanting to hear more from her.

All in all this is a well produced and excellently performed CD and would easily grace the collections of most good discerning Christian music fans.
Karen’s CDs are available from her website at http://www.karenshadbolt.com.

- Derek McCorkell

"Cross Rhythms"

STYLE: Roots/Acoustic
OUR PRODUCT CODE: 52687-14888

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Reviewed by Peter Dilley

On the evidence her debut release, Karen Shadbolt is an accomplished singer/songwriter, who is apparently equally as comfortable with a full band behind her as she would be simply accompanying herself on guitar for quieter acoustic songs. Reflecting this more thoughtful side are "I Won't Let Go", "Close To Me", "The Road Less Travelled", with its quasi-Celtic flute intro, along with the country ballad "Broken Bridges". For something of a contrast, the up-tempo delivery of opening praise track "Jesus, The One And Only", "God Of Endless Grace", "Rock Of Ages" and "Who You Are" hint at a fair amount of influence from Fleetwood Mac (particularly 'Rumours') in style and production, with all of these songs featuring impressively tight vocal harmonies, driving acoustic and electric guitars and pumping bass lines high in the mix. The title chosen for the album actually comes from lines of her finale "Good And Faithful One" - "I don't want to go this way, because it's a long, long road/It seems I've already paid, to learn this lesson before/But I'll keep pressing on, keep hanging on, for the hope of a better day/When I hear him say 'Well done, good and faithful one'". When life becomes a struggle, that surely is the hope to which we cling in faith.

- Peter Dilley

"Christian Rockers Online"

Artist: Karen Shadbolt
Title: Better Day
Website: http://www.karenshadbolt.com
Style: Contemporary/ Inspirational
Label: Rushing Winds Records
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

Karen Shadbolt was born in Lake Charles, LA., but now calls Texas home. Karen’s been involved with music ministry for over twenty years as a solo artist, worship leader, choir director and pianist.

On Karen’s latest release Better Day you’ll find contemporary, worship, inspirational, folk, country, and even some light rock moments of music in the 10 songs found on it.

The main thing that drives all of the songs is Karen’s vocals that are both crisp and clear, and have a certain soothing tone to them that everything will be all right. This goes along with her tagline about her music that defines it as, ‘music with a message of hope.’

Karen’s press material says that, ‘the desire of her heart is to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage the body of Christ to worship Him.’

Karen has also surrounded herself on this release with talented musicians whose instrumentation compliments her vocals very well. I especially liked the way the organ parts were used, whether creating a worship feel or adding a lively punch to the song. The drum parts were solid, and the guitars, both acoustic and electric, also done their job well in the songs. The background vocals worked well helping to bring another level of quality to the songs.

The highlight songs for me include track-1, “Jesus, the One and Only,” an up-tempo song of worship that includes some of those aforementioned great organ parts.

Track 3 “God of Endless Grace,” let’s Karen’s soft rock side shines with its lively electric guitar parts. For those who like a nice piano ballad, track-4 “Broken Bridges,” is for you. The song also has a bit of a country twang found in its guitar parts.

The release also wraps up really strong with its last two songs, “Who You Are,” and “Good and Faithful One,” both tracks work well with their slightly up tempo beats and solid lead and background vocals.

On Better Day Karen Shadbolt shows that she has the talent and vocal range to sing many different styles of music. This release should reach out to a wide age range of listeners with its nice variety of musical styles.
Posted in cd review, contemporary, country, rock, worship | Tags: Better Day, Better Day review, cd review, Christian review, Karen Shadbolt, Karen Shadbolt review, Karen Shadbolt- Better Day, Karen Shadbolt- Better Day review, Rushing Winds Records
- C.W. Ross

"FBC Groceville, Conroe, TX"

When it comes to scheduling guest preachers or musicians, as a pastor, I am very cautious. There are three basic things I want to know up front: (1) I need to make sure that the person has a sincere, growing relationship with the Lord; (2) I desire to know how they are involved in their local church; and (3) I want to know what I can expect if that person comes to our church. Since these are crucial things I look for, I want to offer a perspective about Karen Shadbolt from each of these areas.
First, Karen is in love with Jesus. During staff meetings, casual conversations, and worship services, I have the privilege of seeing how her love for Christ is sincere and growing. She does not rely on her past relationship with the Lord to keep her going. Instead, she strives to keep her faith alive and fresh. I believe that she is a woman of prayer who consistently studies God's Word for herself.
Second, Karen has been highly involved in our church over the years. Her heart for the Lord and musical abilities inspired me to ask her to come on staff as music minister in 2006. Karen and her husband John are not pewsitters. They are the kinds of church members every pastor loves to have. Instead of wanting the church to minister to them, they consistently find ways to minister to the church. Through her life experiences, ministry opportunities, and spiritual growth, Karen has developed a true heart for people. She uses her gifts and talents to serve others as she serves the Lord.
Third, you can expect a genuine person, not a prideful performer. Her transparency about her own struggles inspires others, including me, to be more genuine and transparent. However, she doesn't do it in a way that exalts herself. Instead, through it all the Lord Jesus receives the glory.
As you can see, I think very highly of Karen Shadbolt. So I will give her a high recommendation.

Dr. James Mantooth, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Groceville - Dr. James Mantooth, Pastor

"FBC, Roby, TX"

It is my privilege and great joy to share with you the name of my sister in Christ, Karen Shadbolt, and to recommend her for your next music ministry inreach/outreach event. Whether she is in a concert environment or leading worship in song, Karen will get out of the way and let God work through her.
God has gifted Karen with a tremendous voice and a talent to write songs that honor and glorify the Lord, Jesus Christ. However, the greatest gift He has given her is a worshipful heart and a passion to tell others of God's love.
Karen recently ministered to our congregation through her testimony and songs. Sharing a timely devotion with our senior citizens Friendship Club on Saturday, she was willing to spend time one-on-one with several ladies. God ministered to the spiritual needs of many through Karen's willingness to invest into the lives of those He brought into her path.
After leading worship on Sunday morning, Karen ministered in the evening service with a concert that included original music, traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.
Karen and her husband John came to our church on a love-offering basis, without making any demands or financial requirements. Their ministry is a genuine faith ministry, going where the Lord leads and sharing the gospel in song and testimony as they go.
May God bless you as you prayerfully consider having Karen Shadbolt minister to the congregation over which He has given you charge.

In His steps,
Jerry Vincent
Pastor, FBC Roby - Jerry Vincent, Pastor

"Texas Cowboy Church, Orchard, TX"

Dear Karen,

Thank you again for the great ministry during our morning service -- it was awesome the way the Lord used you, your music and your testimony to impact lives and change hearts. You seemed right at home as you were being led by the Holy Spirit to minister through your music. I am so appreciative that you minister and don't 'entertain' during the service.

It was amazing to see how you drew everyone to you when you made your transition from your music into your testimony. While your testimony was not easy for you to share, you really did an excellent job of telling everyone how God moved in your life to bring you to where you are now. I am so glad that you were sensitive to the Holy Spirit in sharing what was on your heart.

Because of your discernment and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you really set me up to deliver the sermon that the Lord had for us. You had no idea what the subject of my message was on, but all of your music, your messages between songs, and your testimony were perfect in preparing the hearts to receive the Word of the Lord.

It is always a joy for us when you come and minister because you have a heart to minister and to worship our Lord. You are always bright and fresh with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. I am looking forward to when you return and bless us with the love of Jesus.

Thanks again for such a wonderful job for the Lord!
Pastor R. O. Murray - R.O. Murray, Pastor


"Home", a 10-song CD of original songs written by Karen was released in 2003

"Better Day" -- 10 original tunes was released in September 2008



Karen Shadbolt is a singer, songwriter and musician whose main genre of music is contemporary Christian but some of her songs cross the line into mainstream. With positive lyrics, captivating melodies and energetic as well as soothing rhythms, her music appeals to audiences of all ages. Karen's original songs could best be described as a mixture of contemporary, country and folk. Early musical influences: Joni Mitchell, Judi Collins, Barbra Streisand, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Elton John, the Beatles. Karen learned to play piano at the age of 5 and guitar at the age of 12. She trained in songwriting at the Babbie Mason Songwriting Conference, Atlanta, GA in 1991; is a graduate (July 2001) of the vocal study of the Steve Hurst School of Music Ministry and Performance, Nashville and the Stamps-Baxter School of Music, Nashville (2004). She has also trained with well-known vocal coach Debbie Beinhorn. Karen spent 3-1/2 years in intensive training with Incubator Creative Group to further develop her ministry focus and vocal and songwriting skills, during which time she trained with vocal coach Dr. L. Scott Martin (Academy of the Arts, Denver).

In May 2009 Karen signed a music placement deal with Audiosocket, Inc. for a full catalog of the songs on her latest CD, "Better Day", for licensing opportunities. Also in May 2009 Karen's song "Who You Are" made it to the second round of judging in the Austin Songwriters Contest. Final judging has not taken place as of this writing. The song has gained recognition through extensive airplay on numerous internet radio stations around the world. Her latest CD release "Better Day" has gained positive reviews from both industry professionals and the average listener alike.