Karen Waterman

Karen Waterman

 Aptos, California, USA

Karen Waterman is a California musician and an alumna of Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has been writing and playing since childhood. She also studied at the University of Redlands, San Jose State and the very fine Cabrillo College Music program. This is her first full length CD. She currently resides in Aptos, California.


Karen Waterman creates musical photographs - landscapes of the heart. Each song is like a sepia-toned moment in time. These are not static snapshots though. They move from shaded memory to full-color experiences that continue to breathe and beat their life beyond the hearing.

She's a California girl with the feeling of the Plains running through her veins. A Berklee College of Music Alum, both her Grandfather and Uncle were performers. Her freshman release, Light At My Window, is a fully realized compilation of music to date. A blending of Folk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Rock - a journey of the soul across time and experience to span the distances that we each find within ourselves.

Here's how she describes her music:

"Songs, for me, are like snapshots – moments of being completely connected, and without thought feeling the heart rise up to sing. Through my music I come to these places, reach out to create, to touch, to find my way back or forward to them and then to bridge the gap and share."


I Believe

Written By: Karen Waterman

You tell me there’s nothing
I see something after all
And maybe then again, you say, I’m fooling myself.

I can see a way now
We will join hands
Bring our hearts to bear
And turn this thing around


I believe in hope
I believe in love most of all
I believe there’s something larger than all this
And It’s worth fighting for.

I believe in dreams
I believe in light from inside
I believe our dreams are here to guide us through
And we’re here to carry the light


There will come a day now
We will understand
We’ll open up our lives and let this beauty in

We will walk together
All across this land
We will sing out loud
This song that never ends



Gather up your families
Don’t forget your hearts
Time to step on out
We’ll make this brand new start

We the people gathered
We’re the people strong
We’re the people singing out
We’ll keep on keeping on

We believe in hope…etc

Take It Down

Written By: Karen Waterman

I don’t want this anymore
All I seem to do is hide
I’ve been living deep behind
These walls that I’ve built

Time to take it down to the bone
Strip it down now to the bone

I’ve been seeing for awhile
I’ve been here in my own way
Now it’s clear to me
A change must come
So I’m standing down
I’ve stepped aside
I’ve laid it bare
Now I can’t hide anymore

I know there is nothing to stop me now
I see this light is here inside
Everything is possible
I see it now
It starts with you
It starts with me
And I’m stepping out

Take it. Take it. Take that step right now
The first one, they say, is the hardest.
Make it. Make it Make a choice somehow
You’re the one who can

Take it down now to the bone
All the way down to the bone

I’ve been wearing these old shoes
I’ve been walking in these same old blues
But they’re not mine now
I’ve moved along
I’m standing tall
The time has come
I’ll sing this new song
I won’t hide anymore

And I know there is nothing to hold me down
I see my light is here inside
And I know
Everything that’s possible
Is with me now
It starts right here
It starts right now
And I’m stepping up

I'm Leavin'

Written By: Karen Waterman

It’s been coming to this
It’s come to a point
Now I’m almost over
I can’t hold it anymore
It’s time to
Let it fall on down
And hear the final score
I’m letting you know

I’ve been burning inside
I’m turning inside
I’m so sharply focused
I can’t get the facts out straight
I’m holding on
I’m doing poorly
Guess we all can’t make the grade
I’m letting you know.

It’s been a long, hard climb
I almost didn’t make it up that hill
I’m setting it straight
You’ve been my resting place

I’m leavin’
I’m letting you know
I’m leavin’
I’m letting you know

I’ve heard it before
Now I’ll hear it again
And I’ve got to go
Before the call is gone
It pulls me on
I’d like to stay and love you but
Time has set a date
And I’m letting you know

You’ve brought me along
You’ve showed me my life
And I’m grateful for the times
They meant so much to me
I’m trying just to show you
Now if you could only see
I’m letting you know

It’s been a long, hard climb
I almost didn’t make it up that hill
But I’m setting it straight
You’ve been my resting place

I’m leavin’
I’m letting you know
I’m leavin’
I’m letting you know
I’m leavin’ I’m leavin’

Now I’m going on down the line
Moving on ahead
You know
I’ll never be back this way again
It’s goodbye

The Wind Came Up

Written By: Karen Waterman

The wind came up and pushed on by
Brought the fog I heard it sigh to me
I sit here wondering, you see
There’s a song here wandering by
And by the way
As it passed I clearly heard it say to me

Don’t leave your heart behind
There’s music here and you will find
It’s needed ‘long the way

Now I see your time has come
You’re leaving us it won’t be long
It seems I’ll miss you every day
I see you must be on your way
I love you so.
Just one thing before you have to go

I won’t leave your heart behind
I’ll carry your love deep inside
I’ won’t leave your heart behind
I know it’s needed ‘long the way.

Razor's Edge

Written By: Karen Waterman

There’s a hot wind blowing ‘cross the sky tonight
I’ve been walking on the razor’s edge.
My feet are bleeding and my heart’s on fire
There was a time my pain would feed me
Stoke my heart and then just bleed me dry
And I would cry out

Take me down to the waters’ edge
Wash me clean in the waters now
Show me how to walk this thin line
Show me how to lay my burdens down
By the waterside
Lay them down

It’s not easy in these troubled times.
There is darkness sitting in the seats of power.
Their red lies are falling all around us (they’re everywhere).
There was a time when we believed our leaders
Trusted them to feed not bleed us dry
Hear us cry out

Take us down to the waters’ edge
Wash us clean in the waters now
Show us how to walk this thin line
Show us how to lay our burdens down
By the waterside
Lay them down

I could use a little help just now
My heart is burning and my head’s on fire
My mind is running ‘round in circles
There was a time I thought I knew it all
Everything was under my control
And then I cried out



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