Whitman & Pantell

Whitman & Pantell


In your face originals about life, love and laughs, with interesting and heartwarming tales. Karen's warm and powerful voice and Rick's lush, chorded backing embellish upbeat, good-hearted songs, often telling stories. Witty, thoughtful, surprising lyrics along with great tunes for the 21st century.


Take a classical and Eastern European influenced singer/songwriter with a flair for puns and limericks, pair her with an American folk and rock singer/songwriter who was educated by Mad Magazine, and the have the duo of Whitman and Pantell. Karen and Rick work with an array of stringed instruments, coupled with warm honest vocals and superb accompaniment on their uniquely personal and universal repetoire. They have performed at numerous coffeehouses (Colony Cafe, Woodstock, NY, Cafe Mezzaluna, Saugerties, NY, Red Hook Inn, Red Hook, NY, The Parlour and The Looking Glass Theater, NYC) and festivals (Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival, Croton, NY, Canal Festival, Rotterdam Junction, NY, Great American Weekend, Goshen, NY and Golden Festival [International Music], NYC) as well as First Night Albany and First Night Saratoga. Before teaming up, Karen was the lead singer of her Manhattan based band, The Balkanizers, performing at such venues as Linclon Center and Carnegie Hall, as well as The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Rick was playing the coffeeehouse circuit from Boston to Boise, for college kids and cowboys respectively (and respectfully) ...... Clearly they were a perfect match waiting to happen!
They both moved to Woodstock, NY (Yes, THE Woodstock!) where they eventually met through their love of the visual arts. After showing each other (quite literally their etchings, they discovered they could also make beautiful music together. They've been harmonizing ever since.


A World Without War

Written By: c. Karen Whitman (ASCAP)

Long have we dreamt of a world without war
A world in which our love is too forceful to ignore
A world in which each nation can open up its door
If such a world could be, and we all could make it true
There'd be no end to what we could do
Oh, if such a world could be
and I'm certain that it can
We'd know the true compassion of man
It would no longer be just a dream of lasting peace
It would be solid as the earth on which we stand
If today could be the day all hostilities would cease
Our planet would be one holy land

Chicken Fat Pudding

Written By: c. Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell (ASCAP)

Oh, Did you ever meet a vegetarian
To whom a drop of fat was such a mortal sin?
Don't eat a hot dog while you're standing next to him
His gastronomical correctness takes a spin
He says he's strong - I say he's wrong!
One day while cooking, I started looking
For something yummy to fill my tummy
And I just knew - Tofu won't do!
A bowl of brown rice can sort of look nice
But it's so boring - Can't chew while snoring
I need release - Give me some grease!
Now I eat Chicken Fat Pudding every night
It's such a super gastronomical delight
I feel so satisfied with every greasy bite
And when I'm finished I am flying like a kite
You try it too - It's good for you!
Oh, Did you ever have a hunk of chicken meat
Where every morsel tasted absolutely sweet
But it's the fatty parts you really like to eat
They make you feel good from your fingers to your feet
Oh, it won't hurt - Chicken Fat Pudding for dessert!
Here's a mind bender - An ice cream vendor
Served a new flavor you all will favor
Just take a lick - Chicken Fat Pudding on a stick!
Since I eat Chicken Fat Pudding every day
I use that chicken fat in innovative ways
When I go lubricate the engine of my car
I know the 'frigerator isn't very far
It's got the slime - without the grime!
You think you look tough with greasy kid stuff
I've got the real thing - That Chicken Fat Pudding
Just slick my hair - Chicken Fat Pudding everywhere!
My darling and I ran out of KY .......
Chicken Fat Pudding does the trick!
No more excuses - So many uses
That Chicken Fat Pudding - It's such a good thing!
It's so advanced - Give grease a chance!
Chorus (2x)

The Frisbee Song

Written By: c. Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell (ASCAP)

Mr. Drew has much to do, you see,
he is inspector number four
After work he comes home to a life
that he was hoping would be more
Sitting on a lounge chair on the deck
in his backyard he sips his wine
When a frisbee out of nowhere
knocked the wine glass from his hand
Oh, what a crime!
Angry and frustrated our victim
throws the frisbee in the trash
Feeling he is free of trouble sits
back down to scratch his rash!
On Tuesday Mr. Rubin picks
the trash up and he puts it in his truck
When from the corner of his eye he sees
a thing that must be worth a buck
He sees a brightly colored disc
just like the one he played with as a kid
He gets the nerve to bring it home
to his discerning, loving wife Enid!
Enid took one look at it and flung it
just as far as she could throw
The pain that she inflicted
on our Mr. Rubin she will never know
Mr. Drew sat on his lounge chair
sipping on another glass of wine
When suddenly a frisbee knocked the
glass out of his hand a second time!
Picking at the scab that was
the rash he had a day or two ago
Mr. Drew was double mad and
hurled the frisbee 'bout a mile or so
It landed on a pile of leaves
but first gave a concussion to a crow
In three months time the mighty disc
would be beneath a foot or two of snow!
It happened that this heap of snow
was in the yard of Madam Karazoo
In spring she found the frisbee
picking ginkgo leaves for some exotic brew
"There must have been a reason
for this flying saucer to have come my way -
I'll have to send this omen off to one
who needs a blessing on this day!"
Mr. Drew sat on a lounge chair
sipping on his precious glass of wine
When suddenly a frisbee knocked the glass
out of his hand one final time
His jugular exploded as he hurled
the frisbee out of his own view
And had a cardiac arrest while that damned
frisbee traveled here to Timbuktu!
Inspectors number one through three
arranged a funeral for number four
They buried him beneath the dirt
we'll spare you all the gossip and the gore!
Pooch the Pup picked up the frisbee,
played with it about a day or two -
Then buried it beneath a patch of earth
located next to Mr. Drew!

If You Hear This Song on the Radio...

Written By: c. Karen Whitman & Rick Pantell (ASCAP)

If you hear this song on the radio I'd really be surprised
I'm a street musician
and I don't have the money
To light up the DJ's eyes

If you hear this song on the radio
This station has free-thinking ways
Sharing unknown music
just because they love it
Toward a dream of simpler days

When the power of a song is its own reward and no dollars
come into play
And the music's message is more important than what they're selling today
Yes, the music's message is more
important than what they're selling today!

When I imagined this song on the radio I really felt a thrill
That ten thousand people would stop and listen and my dreams would be fulfilled
They could have thrown my demo song away but they listened
and chose it to play!
Now they've breathed new life into my soul's creation and it's message is here to stay

So if you're listening to my song on the radio, this station has
free-thinking ways
Sharing unknown music just because they love it
Toward a dream of simpler days

So if you're listening to my song on the radio we're dawning on a brand new day!

Pull the Plug Out Tonite

Written By: c. Karen Whitman & Rick Pantell (ASCAP)

The blackout happened yesterday
The screens went dark
We had to find a way
To do all the things we do for fun
Like Ebay - and Pokemon!
With no TV or VCR
No chatroom comrades from afar
Our day was done
before it had begun - Oh, No!

When I turn my PC on
I join a world that I can count upon
Never to be taken from me!
So you can just imagine my panic
when those lights went out
I was filled with fear and doubt
About what was about to happen to me - Oh, No! Oh, No!
What am I gonna do without my PC

We looked into each other's eyes
Lit a candle and realized
That there is a light
that comes from within
We got real close
Our hearts were beating
Memories of our first meeting
Shed a light that even darkness
can't dim - Ummm Hmmm!

The lights came on to our dismay
We realized that there was
another way to tune ourselves in
To feeling alright
I've come to the conclusion that
Nine to five's enough for me
of cyber-unreality!
We're gonna pull that plug out tonite - Yes we are!

No more buttons
No more switches
Let's scratch more important itches
We're gonna pull that plug out

A World Without War - A Celebration

Written By: c. Karen Whitman (ASCAP)

Now we all live
in a world without war
A world in which our kindness
is at our very core
And each and every nation
has opened up its door
And now this world can be 'cause
we've helped to make it true
Together there's so much we can do
Hand in hand we'll build the world
that we've all been dreaming of
That's founded on
compassion and love!

It will no longer be just a dream of lasting peace because it's solid
as the earth beneath our feet
Now that we've laid down our arms
we will never have to hide
We'll share the world with
passion and pride!


CD Title: "Chicken Fat Pudding and Other Delights", officially released on May 28th, 2006, in Woodstock, NY. Several tracks from the CD were played on WKZE 98.1 FM, and spotlighted on May 20, 2006 on Todd Mack's "Off the Beat-N-Track"radio show. Our tracks have also been aired on WCFM, WPCR, WJFF, WITR, KDHX, KFJC and others as well as internet stations CatskillRadio.org, robinhoodradio.com, and Internet Live 365.
Our upcoming CD will be released later in 2009.

Set List

A typical set consists of 45-60 minutes of original songs, and may include American and international folk songs (especially Eastern European) if desired. Up to two sets per evening, three for entire day. It does not include covers. All songs are either originals or public domain.
Our original songs have titles such as these: If You Hear This Song On the Radio..., Lover of My Dreams, Prairie Lullaby, Chicken Fat Pudding, Summer is Gone, A World Without War, The Frisbee Song, Fire and Smoke, Of Elves and Edaphosaurs, High School Queen, Each Night I Gaze Upon My Love, Worked My Fingers to the Bone, If YOu Hear This Song On The Radio, and Pull Out the Plug Tonite.