Karen Wilhelm

Karen Wilhelm

 Gurnee, Illinois, USA

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My Only Love

Written By: Karen Wilhelm

My Only Love Karen Wilhelm 2006

I should have loved you, I should have cared
I should have seen through the doubts that we shared

But you were gone, before I knew
That what I felt, was love for you

And then I realized
What had to be done,
I had to find you
My only love

You tried to hold on, you tried to feel
You should have showed me just what hearts reveal

That when two hearts can beat as one
The love that blossoms fuels the sun

But I refused to see
What was there in my sight
You were my lover,
My friend, my (love for) life..

(tag) Yes then I realized
what had to be done
I had to find you …again..
My only love
My friend, my lover for life.

Out of the Blue

Written By: Karen Wilhelm

Out of the Blue – Karen Wilhelm 2006

You said hello, and I replied
“How have you been”, as I silently sighed,
The years flooded back to reveal my past
How I felt for you then, I thought would never last.

You came to me out of the blue
You said hello and made my heart anew
I never knew how lonely life became
`Til you opened my eyes and made me feel love again

You brought my life to me once more
I see your smile now behind each closing door
A face that haunts me now that it’s gone again
Please come back and be mine like this sweet refrain.

Please come back and be mine,
You said hello and made me anew
You brought my heart back to life
Out of the Blue..

Betting On My Heart

Written By: Karen Wilhelm

Betting On My Heart – Karen Wilhelm

I’ve loved and I’ve lost
My head was reeling
I’ve paid the cost
My heart’s revealing
That it’s finally free
To bring a new love to me
And I’m betting on my heart

I thought “never again”
Will I consider
A ride on love’s train
Don’t think me bitter
But now that I see
My heart is strong as can be
I’m betting on my heart

It’s taken me time, to free my soul
And now I’m feeling fine
It’s taken me time to thaw from this cold
And now my inner sun is shining

Stand clear of my path
Cause I’m on fire
Beware of the wrath
Of my desire
My past says no
My heart says go go go
And I’m betting on my heart