Karen YOUNG, Ars Nova & Jazz

Karen YOUNG, Ars Nova & Jazz


Ars Nova and Jazz. A savant fusion of three voice polyphony with a twist of drum and double bass. Karen brings to her newest concert -- from her Medieval double CD Ame, corps et désir -- all she has learned in 38 years of love with Jazz and music. A very unique and true art musical proposal.


In the late 80's while singing Renaissance songs within a choir, Karen discovered Guillaume de Machaut. From there the passion grew and she selected --- over the last 10 years -- the best songs of the French Ars Nova and Italian, Trecento repertoire.

Karen also tours a Voice/bass/electronica Duo, you can reach through www.agentB.org


please go to www.karenyoung.org

14 albums in a 38 years career

Set List

Available upon request, the concert is proposed in one 1:30 hour or two 0:45 min format. As on URCD 2 2006 - Ame, corps et désir, the repertoire is constructed of original songs with improvisation or fantaisies written by Ms. Young.