Kare Porte

Kare Porte


With so much going on, and life getting in the way, it has taken a bit of time to put together the words, the music and, best of all, the musicians who played on the disc. It seemed about time to express some outrage about the ways of the world, some appreciation of the Love around us, and to roc


The disc is entitled Premonition, based on my experiences in New Orleans. I'd always had a sense of pending explosion brewing in that town. Working in hospitals, clinics and, even in a prison hospital, I'd felt a sense of wildness that never seemed quelled. In the first weeks of living in the Big Easy, a man jumped off the bridge during rush hour traffic. The music is a part of that premonition that the lid might blow off the place one day. Floods came. Then a hurricane came and blew us away. About the band: each member of the band plays in other bands, and we came together off and on. Some knew the music intimately, and others came to solo. The music evolved, reflecting rock, jazz, folk and country influences. The tunes equally reflect the writings of literary luminaries, such as Joan Didion, Dorothy Parker, and the classics. Many of the lyrics are crippled quotes from the greats. Some of the original lyrics date back to when I was a teen, and the music is definitely influenced by the tunes of that time.


We're producing the disc Premonition as I speak.

Set List

Original songs from Premonition, and the sets might last a half hour. If we do covers, they come from a variety of great lyricists, in particular. They might include covers of Tom Waits, Rickie Lee Jones, Chris Whitley, Steve Earle, or anyone I'm listening to at the time.