KARIBIK underwater

KARIBIK underwater

 Santo Domingo, Dajabón, DOM


...[ ] two Intense energies swirled and collided in the middle of the Caribbean. Giving birth two shows.
Then, a long hiatus period was finished with the launch of the band in, Autumn 2012: Transition of an era. History's inflection point.


Separation Anxiety

Written By: SMC

I don't want to be with anybody but you.
I want to swim Deep down to the ocean so Blue. (x2)

B.O.D.Y. R.O.C.K!
Body Rock, with me all the way! (x2)

Tie me up to a clamshell bed post.
I want to get shock by your electric eel.
Starfish suction cupped to my breast,
I don't want stop until there's nothing left.

I want to get attacked by a shark with no teeth,
i want to feel your rubbery, iron sheet. (2)

B.O.D.Y. R.O.C.K!
Body Rock with me all the way! (x2)


Written By: Cariba Camilo

Polilla una niña,
del kankicoro,
rodaba la niña de coro en coro,
bella la nena,
le entra a todo,
le entra a todo,
mete que mete,
lo kankicoro,
lo kankicoro.

Seizing your Land

Written By: Cariba Camilo

Sugar cane,
souther cali palm trees,
wown wown wown wown -eh

Magic love,
sugar stallion skankin'
wown wown wown wown -eh

now the hunting and the chasing begins again,
now the hunting and the squeezing,
I take no more,
you take it
i take it
we take
and you run,
and you run,
and you run,
and you run,
then away!

I'm coming to your place,
wednesday night!
Seeking your land,
seizing your place.
I'm coming to your place,
taking your land,
seizing your land,
you better run,

You better run,
better run,
you better run,
I loose control.

Now the hunting and the chasing begins again,

emotion Motion

Written By: SMC

Stuck, in some kind of magic glue,
I don't know how to get
away from you,
you beautiful creatures
flying in the sky,
some times you make me wanna' cry/die/fly

Have you ever felt,
like you're about to explode,
that you can feel your heart,
just waiting to IMPLODE!
with the preassure of,
so this,
do that,
make it red,
make it black,

get Dark,
get depressed,
get all undressed,


Collision EP. (Currently being recorded)
Some "underground" local airplay.

Set List

01 -Polilla
02 -Neme
03 -IDK Anymore
04 -She Replied
05 -Seizing your Land
06 -emotion Motion
07 -Separation Anxiety
08 -Sirenna
09 -Heat for Cold
10 -HSSB 3228
11- El Animal