Kari Bremnes

Kari Bremnes

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

One of the most popular artists in Norway. She has performed in 30 years. Because of the high quality, the music is often used as reference in HiFi stores. Kari has become a well known artist also in Germany. Midem would give us the chance to meet all our distributors, and hopefully some new.


Norwegian born singer and songwriter Kari Bremnes was born in 1956 in Lofoten. Her career as a performer was delayed by her desire to finish university (she earned a Master's Degree) and a short stint as a journalist. Eventually, the call of the stage won out, and in 1987 she released her first album, Mitt Ville Hjerte. From there, Bremnes went on to release more than ten full-lengths over the next 20 years, as well as a number of successful — in Norway and in other European nations — singles. In 2007, Bremnes released the album Reise — or, "Journey," in English. In 2009 the album "Ly" was released, and was one of the best selling albums in Norway that year. In October 2010 a double compilation CD spanning her 30 years as artist is released.


Mitt ville hjerte (My wild heart, 1987)
Blå krukke (Blue jug, 1989)
Spor (Trace, 1991)
Gåte ved Gåte (Riddle beside another riddle, 1994)
Erindring (Memory, 1995)
Månestein (Moon stone, 1997)
Svarta Bjørn (Black bear, 1998)
Norwegian Mood (2000)
11 ubesvarte anrop (11 unanswered calls, 2002)
You'd Have To Be Here (2003)
Over en by (Over a town, 2005)
Kari Bremnes live (Reise) (Kari Bremnes live (Journey) 2007)
Ly (Shelter, 2009)

With others:
Tid å hausta inn (1983, new edition 2001) with Lars Klevstrand.
Salmer på veien hjem (Psalms on the way home, 1991) with Ole Paus and Mari Boine Persen.
Ord fra en fjord (Word from a fjord, 1992) with Ola og Lars Bremnes.
Folk i husan (People in the houses, 1993) with Ola Bremnes and Arne Bendiksen Records.
Cohen på norsk (Cohen in Norwegian, 1993) with various arists.
Løsrivelse (Breakaway, 1993) with Ketil Bjørnstad.
The Man From God Knows Where (1999) with, among others Tom Russell.
Soløye (Sun eye, 2000) with Ola and Lars Bremnes.
Desemberbarn (December child, 2001) with Rikard Wolff.
Voggesanger fra ondskapens akse (Lullabies from the Axis of Evil) (2003) with Eva Dahlgren and Anisette Koppel.