Kari Campbell

Kari Campbell

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Kari has been playing the piano & writing songs since she was a child. She has played festivals, art shows, cafes, and a few churches. Kari is currently recording with Mike Roe (77's, Lost Dogs) on his label Fools Of The World. This is her first label release, due out later this spring.


I grew up all over, mostly America with some Australian thrown in. I have been performing and leading worship for the past 20 years, at conferences, churches, festivals, prisons, cafes, or the living room. I write from my journaling, inspiration is key. My sound has been described as Aimee Mann meets the Beatles. But I love to worship too. If we're doing a worship set, it could be just 5 people in the room, I don't care! I like to flow between songs, and connect with the audience.



Written By: Kari Campbell

And the boy cried
Why did I misuse her heart
and let her go
I would give anything for mercy to grant one last chance to tell her so
Jaded by misery he went to see
if the solace he hoped to find
would be denied
but his pardon lay in her reply
And she said
I have no time for sweet revenge of the old soul I once was
because she is lost to me
and the promise of amnesty
beckons you and me to come home
beckons all of us to come home
No strangers are we to the suffering that brings about a much needed change of the mind
Instead of consolation there was only hesitation until the confidence we knew was left behind


"Come Alive" -2006
"Baptism of Love" -2000
Wrote "To Seek Your Face" recorded by Christ For The Nations on their yearly worship project "Makes Me Shout" -1999

Set List

Stars, Don't Let It Be So, Home, Please Don't Go, Purify Me, Your Words, The Only Truth, For Drew, Worthy, Hymn, Discontent, Coming Back Again COVERS: The Way Of Love (Charlie Peacock), Deep (Adam Again), Can't Get Over It (77's), Desert Song (Hillsong)
A Set is usually 40 minutes to an hour.