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Karie Hillery

Boulder Creek, California, United States | INDIE

Boulder Creek, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




""Straight From The Heart""

"Bridge The Distance" You'll love this beautiful work of musical art. Karie is a great artist who sings music straight from her heart.

This is my favorite of the two CDs. Excellent compositions and arrangements. I like "You Make It Beautiful." Karie makes beautiful music. - Larry James CelebrateLove.com Scottsdale, AZ

""Highly Recommended""

Over the years I have heard literally thousands of songs in all genres. Most are not memorable but that is not the case with Karie Hillery and her CD To Your Heart. Her heartfelt songs transport you to places that only your imagination can conjure up. I highly recommend this CD. - Paul dos Santos - ArtistLaunch.com

""Something Special""

This cd (To Your Heart) by Karie shows her continued growth as an artist. The Production value is 1st rate as well. If you are searching for something special that will lift your heart ,this one is for you. A very nice collection from a prolific artist. - Edward Dee - New Bridge Records

""Vocal Performances Shine""

I was impressed by your CD (Bridge The Distance), very fine arrangements especially.

My favorites are ANGELS (really beautiful and interesting key change in the chorus), TINY ARTIST (for the unexpected directions melody takes and the way the chord changes weave in & out interestingly), but my favorite is ALL THAT’S MISSING IS YOU (probably because the of the production- great piano sound, all the parts are perfect choices, really nice textures, instrument placement, and layering on the mix.)

This tune seems to me to be head & shoulders above the other tunes. Your vocal seems to pick up on the magic of the arrangement too, although your vocal performance (and recording) is consistently shining throughout the CD.

It's really nice to hear songs that are thoughtfully and “craftfully” arranged, too. We seem to be on the same page here- I find that a lot of things I hear these days are quickly thrown together and not really thought out for the best of the song. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you have really developed the songs to their best possible conclusion (if that makes any sense). I never once thought "Oh- they should/ shouldn't have <fill in the blank> here in this song." ..... And I'm really picky, too.
- Doug Marcum - locationsound.com

""Light The Way""

“Light The Way” by Karie Hillery is a delightful combination of upbeat songs and tender ballads with a consistent message of encouragement, perfect for any age and most belief systems. This is the kind of album that can be used as background music for individual, family and community activities or as a focal point for introspection, connection with the Divine and personal growth.

All of the musicians demonstrate professional technique and personal commitment to a spiritual way of life, as evidenced through the passionate delivery. Karie is a strong singer, with a luscious tone and conviction in every song. She weaves engaging harmonies throughout the album, like angels from Heaven. The musical accompaniment is top rate, with a variety of instrumentation including a two-piece horn section, guitars, piano & percussion. Universal truths including oneness of all, internal connection, gratitude, free will, surrender and the power of thought are reinforced in a variety of cheery and reflective music.

All of the songs on “Light the Way” communicate spiritual love energy, connecting humanity to the greater whole. Among them is “Releasing Letting Go”, a reminder to all the travelers on a spiritual journey that we must balance the visions of human potential with every day needs and “I am We Are God Is”, an affirmation of the divine essence within us all. - Reviewed by Rosemarie Ashley PMA

""Sosltice Peace""

Hi Karie my dear,
You have been on my mind and I wanted to send you some warm, loving
thoughts. Is life beginning to settle down for you? I read you newsletter
about being at home in the redwoods with the snow. It sounded like a very
peaceful wonder-ful time.

I gave your Solstice cd to some family members for Christmas and they all
are REALLY enjoying the music!! My mom called me one evening to say that
she was listening to your cd and she loved it. My brother puts on the music
while he is working and it creates a soothing background for him (his job
can be a bit stressful). We used your music during a Solstice ritual we
conducted in Santa Rosa and it was divine =)

You are truly an inspired musician, Karie. I hope you know that your music
is changing the world.

I love you!
Tambra - Tambra

""Bridge The Distance""

What a wonderful CD this is. Elements of Pop, Jazz, Country, Adult Contemporary, all finding their way on this creative body of work. As soon as I put it on, I called a friend of mine, and said, "We got a winner here!" I stand by that comment now. Great vocals, Great message in the lyrics, wonderful players doing their cleanest and best work. this is obviously a labor of Love, and it shows. - AirMusic


2008 Solstice Peace"
Piano Instrumental
2007 "Peace Instead"
Original Topical Pop
2007 "Light The Way"
Original Spiritual Pop
2002 "To Your Heart"
Original Spiritual Pop
1999 "Bridge The Distance"
Original Contemporary Pop
1995 "Transitions"
Original Contemporary Pop
1992 "Mixed-Up"
Original Pop & Covers
1988 "We Gotta Get Outa This Place"
Dance Single
1987 "Body to Body"
Dance Single
1986 "Let Down Your Walls"
Original Pop & Light Rock
1985 "Sweet Conversation"
Dance Single

Radio Play
* KMUD 91.1 FM Redway, CA
* KZYX 90.7 FM Philo, CA
* KHSU 90.5 FM Arcata, CA
* KHUM 104.7 FM Ferndale, CA
* KMFB 92.7 & 96.7 Ft. Bragg, CA
* KOZT 95.3 & 95.9 FM Ft. Bragg, CA
* KRCB 91.1 FM Rohnert Park, CA
* KVMR 90.5 FM Point Reyes, CA
* KKUP 91.5 FM Santa Clara, CA
* KUSF 90.3 FM San Francisco, CA
* KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley, CA
* KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz, CA
* KAZU 90.3 FM Pacific Grove, CA
* FFH-Frankfurt, Germany
* 80FM-Cadiz, Spain

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Karie Hillery is a joy to watch whether performing solo or backed up by her versatile and talented “Extended Family”. There’s an angelic yet fun-loving quality to Karie. Her voice is rich and full of life’s emotion, a voice meant to be heard. A cross of Sarah Mclachlan and Bonnie Raitt with a sprinkle of the vocal stylings of Diana Krall and kd lang.

A versatile and accomplished instrumentalist, Karie can deliver an exceptional original music performance, from a one or two song highlight for a special occasion to a full concert, either solo or featuring her four to seven piece band.

Karie’s musical style blends many genres, all infused with an energy that lifts spirits. Whether kicking back and listening, singing along to popular favorites or dancing in the aisles, her music reaches in and touches the heart. The band “Extended Family” is Karie’s musical family, built on an emotional connection that spills off the stage in smiles and an exciting musical energy exchange.

Music is Karie’s life blood and that’s apparent no matter what the configuration or setting. Karie’s belief that music is a universal language speaking in a very personal way, infuses her performances with a special sense of togetherness.

Karie's musical journey has taken her across the US and throughout Europe, and audiences consistently respond enthusiastically to her live performances. She has released seven CDs of original music.