Karima Lachtane

Karima Lachtane


I write Lyrics - I would say that I try to mix a new and modern thought, into a more old traditional presentation.


The kind of lyric that I write can probably be called anything from the Rock theme to the theme of classical pop. Some of my lyrics even go across the mythological of ancient times.
To say that the words I cherish are spoken like salt in the sea
is like the intense line between you and me
Coming slow but steady
The emotions that I feel are heavy
So to say that word’s like these are for a surfaces
Would be taking the salt out of the sea


The Angel Dance

Written By: karima Lachtane alias WindBlower

By the sunset she dances the angles dance,
The one imbedded in Love & Romance.
Her sweet soft lips bare loving words from above,
Listen, Listen to her Wise Words of Love.

In the cradle I dance, dance the Love of Romance.
I rock softly to the right, and hear the angels delight.
So here by the Sun’s setting days,
I’ll be & for ever stay.

Here the betel hums to the tune of the Bright Light,
Here every day is a single Night.
Ancient stories still being told,
By a fireplace never getting clod.

By the sunset she dances the angel’s dances,
The one imbedded in wise words & a new chance!
This place is for all,
Just hear the Heavens Call!

Best regards
Karima Lachtane

Don’t leave me all alone

Written By: Karima Lachtane

Don’t leave me alone
Please baby I can’t find my way home
So Please baby
Don’t be my farewell lady

On the mountains of fragile birds
My voice cannot reach you I cannot be heard
Lonely my tears seek their way out
Why did I have to act so proud?
There seems to be no end
For how long these hearts must be on their descend

So don’t leave me all alone
Please baby I take it all back
Couldn’t you just give me a maybe?

So baby I am where birds cant be heard
Just longing for my fragile girl
Please baby don’t leave me alone
Baby please come home

Best regards
Karima Lachtane

Where be

Written By: Karima Lachtane

Where be

That sweet melody

Slowing the heartbeat

As a pleasant friend said

Inside darkness which I cannot forget

You will never be missed

We have already given you a farewell kiss

So as the rain fell on me

I said where be

That sweet melody

The one only made for me

But as the pleasant friend said

Don’t come around here again

There exist no song

That can bear you for long

Where be

That sweet melody

The only remedy

That can heal me

Oh sweet dark rain

Will you be the voice of my pain

Carrie me to Sun

Where I belong

Where be

That sweet melody

That wont leave me

Best Regards
Karima Lachtane