Karim Baggili Quartet

Karim Baggili Quartet


Born with Jordanian and Yugoslavian origins, Karim Baggili is an acoustic all-world-fusion group with Spanish, Middle Eastern, Jazz and Chamber music influences. In creating their alchemy, every member of this quintet knows exactly where to put the right accents to maintain a rich and warm sound.


This talented and passionate musician has appeared on stage for years playing solo or in duets with a repertoire composed of personal compositions. This is based mainly on: the different Spanish traditional rhythms (Bulerias, Alegrias, rumba, and tango), The techniques of the guitar flamenco, and the sonorities of the Middle East through the Arabic lute (oud).

Today, he performs with four exceptional musicians in his new band "Karim Baggili Quintet".His group was born while meeting musicians of different horizons. Every instrument brought a new dimension and stamp to the existing pieces. Even with her classical training Karoline's deep voice takes you by your belly. The cello strengthens the rhythmic aspect of the flamenco and brings sweetness to its lyrical side. The flute brings the sound of the jazz flamenco already used by numerous groups in Spain. As for the different percussions (Cajon, darbouka, maracas, banked, etc.), they offer a rich palette in tones and South American rhythms. The compositions created since then are thought out and written specifically for these new optics. Although a new group, they hold promise for a very bright future.


LP's CD's own albums:

"Cuatro con Cuatro" 2005
"Douar" 2006
"Karim Baggili & l'Orchestre de la Nethen" 2003

+ participation on 16 other artists' albums

Set List

Original compositions from "Cuatro con cuatro" album & "Douar" album + new compositions.

Duration more or less 90 minutes