karine chapdelaine

karine chapdelaine


Chapdelaine draw her inspiration from the Latin jazz and the african melodies; she blends them with various modern jazz styles.


The unconventional readings and arrangements of new compositions in a jazz setting lend to fresh interpretations of the africans melodies. The compositions go beyond standard song structure allowing the musicians more space for their own artistic voice. The music embodies a sense of hope, peace and reverence for life.



Written By: Karine Chapdelaine

When two beings meet
Part of them is giving to the other

Thus they learn, evolve, and create
A better world

Taking their world to humanity
Changing slowly the face

Giving honesty, happiness, and love
To those deprived

Nourishing well body and soul
Part of them wonder

Why Reality manipulation, and violence,
Existing in those soul


Without Words- Without Words
Karine Chapdelaine & the sketches- Aural Landscape
McGill Jazz Orchestra-Conundrum and Ostinatocious
Sara Renelik- Aube
Les Jongleurs de la mandragore-Gibraltar
Christine Tassan et les Imposteures- De bon matin
Except the McGill Jazz Orchestra, all those groups have radio airplay.

Set List

Songs: Mostly compositions with a few arrangements of jazz standars and songs of Johnny Cash (cry cry cry), The Beatles (my love) and french artists (Gainsbourg). We can do 1h30 of music. We do standard jazz cover arranged in a latin jazz world