Karin Julia

Karin Julia


Mysteriously calming and spellbinding, Karin Julia reminds us of our inner child and enchants with her beautiful songs and honest lyrics, like honey for your ears


Karin Julia was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Being half Swedish she has always had a connection to the deep forests and landscapes of Sweden, that seem to be present in all her songs. Amidst the lightness of her Texas upbringing the result is a beautiful mixture of seriousness and sweet honesty. When performing live she sometimes lays out little clouds of delay over which she builds her songs, switching between her violin and uki and singing, but mostly she performs a set based on her repertoire of own songs mixed with old 30's ukulele love songs. Currently Residing in Sweden, she is exploring her roots and surviving the Swedish winter at the Vårby Collective outside Stockholm, where she has been jamming and collaborating with the members of said co-op and some of the bands formed there (Snö, Broken Albatross, Feather & Sea, Salasia, SVC)


EP-release in January 2013