Karin Muller - "Perilous Journeys"
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Karin Muller - "Perilous Journeys"

Ventura, California, United States

Ventura, California, United States
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Karin Muller - "Perilous Journeys" @ Geographical Society Lecture

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Karin Muller - "Perilous Journeys" @ Smithsonian Lecture Tour

Peru, Not Applicable, Peru

Peru, Not Applicable, Peru

Karin Muller - "Perilous Journeys" @ Keynote Speaker

Naperville, Illinois, USA

Naperville, Illinois, USA

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The best kept secret in music


“Self effacing but powerful…A breathtakingly sensitive personal testament." - The Boston Globe

“She has a gift for precise observation and descriptive phrasing that may well equal her resourcefulness on the road.” Seattle P.I. - Seattle P.I.

“Her narration is illuminated by moments of exquisite beauty.” - San Francisco Chronicler

“Muller is a rarity- a narrator who recounts both her triumphs and her abject failures without making herself the story.” - NY Newsday

“A warm, insightful, beautifully written book.” - Los Angeles Times

"Would I want to travel that way, risking life and limb and stomach? No way. But I'm very glad Ms. Muller did it for me -- and you." - Wall Street Journal

“Karin’s enthusiasm is contagious. I strongly recommend her to any university or organization looking for a charismatic and magnetic speaker.” - Andy Van Duym: Director, National Geographic Live! Program

“The Q&A went on for over an hour and then moved to the coffee shop across the street. THAT has never happened before!” - Pam Wejman, Smithsonian Journeys

“Karin’s experiences convey a message about the choices, opportunities, and unexpected turns that all our students will face as they set out on life's journey after college.” - Professor William Joseph, Wellesley College


Karin Muller has produced several major documentary series for National Geographic and PBS: Along the Inca Road, a nine-month odyssey along the spine of the Andes; Japanland, a four-hour series on traditional Japan; and Hitchhiking Vietnam. She has authored three highly acclaimed books that have been translated into eight languages. Karin is a regular on the professional lecture circuit as an expert on Japan, Vietnam, Peru and Tanzania, Sudan, and Cuba. Currently Karin spends her time filming in conflict-ridden areas of the world for Take Two and creating infrastructure and support for the students working on the resulting footage.



"Perilous Journeys" with Karin Muller is a multi-media experience. As an author, filmmaker, and photographer, Karin Muller’s journeys have taken her to the furthest corners of the globe – to live with Africa’s Maasai warrior tribes, smuggle endangered animals out of Vietnam, document Japan’s reclusive pre-Buddhist mountain ascetics, dodge rebels and dust storms in war-torn Sudan, hitchhike through Cuba, and round up the wild and elusive vicunas in the remote Andes. Karin lives her adventures in the truest sense of the word – she travels alone, learns the language, lives with the people for months or even years, follows their customs, eats the food (and survives the local illnesses), dodges the bullets and often travels with the rebels themselves, and comes home with footage, images, and stories that few people have ever seen. Along the way, Karin has learned five languages, has earned her blackbelt in judo and jujitsu, hang glides competitively in her spare time.