Kari Tieger

Kari Tieger

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Adult contemporary pop, with world influences


Bilingual Singer/Songwriter Kari Tieger creates an eclectic blend of adult contemporary pop with neoclassical and world influences in English and French. Kari performs solo or with her Eclectic Quartet.

          An award winning member of ASCAP and the Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) for 20 years, Kari’s music is often used for cable and network television, and she receives a significant amount of airplay in the US and abroad.



Written By: Kari Tieger

Rose Bud

Intro (Musical Interlude)

Waiting to go on, I'm like a tender little bud
stuck in the mud, all closed up tight,
afraid of light;
but that's all right.

Then I start to play, to have my say,
'cause it's my day, I change my mind,
and then I find that I unwind;
and that's all right.

We are all like flowers, making bowers,
gaining power as we grow, we come to know
that there's a flow;
and that's all right.

Sometimes in the rain, when we feel pain
and we raise cain, we start to stew,
but then with dew we're washed anew;
and that's all right.

(Chorus), then Musical Interlude and Chorus again

In the wake of storm, come with the morn,
the rose is born; bask in the sun,
no need to run, the battle's won;
and that's all right.

We are all like flowers, making bowers,
gaining power as we grow, we've come to know
we're in the flow;
and that's all right.

(Chorus - repeats and fades out)

Words and Music by Kari Tieger
Copyright 1991 (ASCAP)


Written By: Kari Tieger


Permettez-vous que je rêve avec vous;
que j'vous raconte des histoires ou des contes?
Permettez-vous que je vous surveille,
que je sois jaloux de vos yeux qui s'émerveillent?
wa bi dou da...

Permettez-vous que je danse avec vous --
après un bon repas, quelques pas, pourquoi pas?
Permettez-vous que je vous caresse:
un signe de tendresse, un geste qui dit tout?
wa bi dou da (2X)

Permettez-vous de m'asseoir près de vous --
de vous regarder, de vous admirer?
Permettez-vous de chanter pour vous
une mélodie pour être votre ami?
wa bi dou da...

Permettez-vous que je glisse ma main
dans un élan fou de musique à demain?
Permettez-vous quelques notes pour vous,
sur ma guitare, ce soir il se fait tard?
wa bi dou da (2X)

Permettez-vous encore quelques mots;
un sourire pour Jo, une larme sur mes joues?
Permettez-vous que j'vous remercie
d'accepter tout ceci, et de me croire fou?
wa bi dou da (4X)

Kari Tieger
© 1998 (ASCAP)
(Inspirée des paroles de J-P Trisk)

Will You Allow…
(Translation of Permettez-vous)

Will you allow me to dream with you?
May I tell you stories?
Will you let me watch over you,
and be jealous of your wide-eyed amazement?
Wa bi dou dah…

Will you let me dance with you?
After a really good meal, just a step or two, why not?
May I caress your cheek, a simple gesture that says it all?
Wa bi dou dah, wa bi dou dah…

Will you allow me to sit by you,
to look at you and admire you?
May I sing you a melody, just to be your friend?
Wa bi dou dah…

May I slide my hand along the guitar,
In a happy glissando that lasts till tomorrow?
Will you allow several notes just for you,
as the evening grows old?
Wa bi dou dah…

May I be allowed just a few more words?
A smile for Jo, a tear upon my cheek?
Will you allow me to thank you for accepting all of this,
and then think of me as a tender fool?
Wa bi dou dah, wa bi dou dah…

Kari Tieger
© 1998 (ASCAP)

The Ocean

Written By: Kari Tieger


Tell me, please

Written By: Kari Tieger


Will you still speak to me low, tell me I am the only one
you want to be in your life?
Will you still think of us when you hear the word trust?
Will our love last and live in this new century? Tell me.

What is the secret of love everlasting, is it simply
casting the right one as your mate?
Or, could it be fate, could it be heaven blest?
Will we all pass the test when we're faced with the best?

Tell me, please, tell me true:
tell me do; will I always love you?
Are we here for the long haul?
Why am I filled with such fear,
why do I need to hear you will
always be with me, my dear?
Tell me.

(Musical Break - Chords follow Verse)

Tell me, please, tell me true:
Tell me do; will I always love you?
Are we here for the long haul?
How can it be you love me?
What were you thinking of
when you said you'd give me all your love? Tell me.

Am I as vital to your life as you are to mine,
why did we come together in time?
Is it only the luck of the draw, is it more?
Can there be some great law that made our symmetry?

Tell me, please, tell me true:
Tell me do; will I always love you?
Are we here for the long haul?
What in the world did I do to deserve this devotion from you;
tell me, do, tell me, true.
Tell me, please.

Copyright 1995 ASCAP
Words and Music by Kari Tieger

Something's Wrong

Written By: Kari Tieger

Something's Wrong

Something's wrong; I can feel it.
Something's wrong; I can tell.
In the wind, can you feel it?
There's a hint: there's a smell.

I'll open my eyes, and there he'll be.
There'll be no surprises -- he'll come for me.
For he is my love! Together we'll fly
through the night sky, you and I.

Something's wrong; he should be here.
Something's wrong; I am filled with fear.
Must we part? All is hollow...
in my heart. Can I follow him?

Words and music by Kari Tieger (ASCAP) ©1996

Midnight Muse

Written By: Kari Tieger

Midnight Muse

Weary, but wired, I know that I'm tired,
but I cannot sleep.
Wheels are a-turning, mind's images churning,
tomorrow will keep!
Wish I knew what stops the slumber,
I'm ready for dropping down under the sheets.
I could tear my hair out, if relief it would bring.

Now, what's the matter and is there a pattern
preventing my peace?
Why can't I drift off, achieve that sweet lift-off,
with grace and with ease?
What wouldn't I give to be sleeping,
instead of near weeping, my mind in a maze?
It's just one of those days. I must trust what's to come.

Floating out in space, I can feel your face, in front of me,
It calls me to the sky -- can I really fly, high?

What is this treason? Examine the reason
and surely you'll see:
All of this drama and what you call trauma
will soon cease to be.
And when you wake up,
you'll wonder what spell you were under,
and what does it mean?
But you'll probably decide it was only a dream!

Words and Music by Kari Tieger (ASCAP) �1996

J'ai dans la Tete (Running Through my Head)

Written By: Aline Duran (English Translation by K. Tieger)

J’ai dans la tête
J'ai dans la tête des airs de fête
Envie d'aimer, de m'amuser
J'ai dans la tête un petit pois
Qui s'fout de toi, qui s'fout de moi

J'ai dans la tête un petit trou
Qu'faut pas boucher, qu'faut pas toucher

J'ai des envies de pas m'lever, D’pas travailler, de pas bouger
Rester au lit à paresser, M'endormir et puis. . .rêver

J'ai dans la tête comme une 'tite bête
Un trouble fête, faut qu'ça s'arrête

J'voudrais savoir comment pouvoir
Tout arrêter, tout camoufler

J'voudrais qu'on m'dise, que tout s'enlise pour rester là, auprès de toi
Dev'nir paresse sous tes caresses Et m'éveiller…sous tes baisers

En grandissant, faire un enfant
En veillissant, d'venir parent

J'ai dans la tête comme une 'tite bête
Un trouble fête, faut qu'ça s'arrête
J'ai dans la tête comme une idée
Pour écraser la petite bête

J'vais arrêter de travailler
Changer d'métier, dev'nir rentier

J'aurais plus besoin tous les matins De m'réveiller, de travailler
J'pourrais rester à tes côtés T'faire un enfant, en prenant l'temps.

J'avais dans la tête une petite bête...Un trouble Fête…j'y ai fait sa fête!

Running Through my Head

Running through my head are holiday songs;
I’m in a loving mood, just want to have fun.
Running through my head, an endless refrain,
Oblivious to all, again and again.

And in my head, there’s a little hole
That I mustn’t fill, I mustn’t touch.

Feeling at ease, I won’t get up, Won’t go to work, I just won’t move.
I’ll stay in bed, lazing away, Might fall asleep, and dream all day.

Running through my head, a runaway train,
Spoilsport thoughts; please leave my brain!

I’d like to know how I might win,
Stop it in its tracks, make it all blend in.

Someone tell me please, how not to budge, How can I stay, loving your touch?
I’ll spend the day wrapped in the bliss, And come alive to every kiss.

Let’s have a child, now that we’ve grown,
Let’s become parents before we grow old.

Running through my head, like a little beast,
Spoilsport thoughts; do stop it, please!
Running through my head, it’s just a thought:
Crushing that beast; now see what it’s wrought!

I’ll quit my job, won’t be for hire,
Might change careers, I just might retire.

Won’t feel the need day after day, To get up and go, to earn my pay.
Instead I can stay right by your side, and take the time to have a child.

Running through my head was a little beast…
Spoilsport thoughts… Now it’s said its piece!

Paroles par Aline Duran (SACEM)
Musique par Kari Tieger (ASCAP)
© 2002

Un Ange Chante (An Angel Sings)

Written By: Lyrics by Catherine Rousseau (English Translation by Kari Tieger)

Ses mots murmurent sur les pixels azur, et me susurrent
Des non-dits a ne pas penser, des non-pensés a ne pas dirent
La désinvolture de nos écritures jaillies sans rature
Qui trahit un émoi qu’interdit notre foi
Troublante tournure prenant l’allure d’une blessure
Ne jamais se faire mal ; Ne pas danser ce bal
Soyons enfin surs que rien de trop dur ne brisera si pur
Le cristal d’un échange ; Dans ma B.A.L. chante un ange.

His words murmur on pixels of sky blue and whisper to me
What is neither said nor thought still comes across
The ease of our communication pours forth without erasure
A flutter of emotion threatens the status quo
A few disturbing words hit home like an open wound
Never to do oneself harm nor to take up the dance
Let us be sure that nothing else could be so hard nor make such a clean break
A crystalline exchange: In my mailbox, an angel sings.

Copyright 2002
C. Rousseau/ K. Tieger


LP:  Illumination (2014), 15 Track Singer/Songwriter Album with 2 Tracks in French, www.cdbaby.com/cd/karitieger.

EP:  Trilogy of Nightsongs:  A Romantic View of Vampires (2009), 6 Tracks, 1 in French, www.cdbaby.com/tieger5

LP:   Nos Mots (2008), French songs and instrumentals ranging from pop to classical, www.cdbaby.com/tieger4
Poker Poker receives radio airplay in Seattle at college world music station.

EP:  Zazen, a bilingual introduction to zen meditation (2007) -- see www.karitieger.com, www.cdbaby.com/tieger3, and www.myspace.com/zazenkaritieger

EP:   Pas de Deux, 5 songs recorded in Paris (2004)

LP:  En francais, s'il te plait (2001), www.cdbaby.com/tieger2

LP:  Touch of Magic (1998), www.cdbaby.com/tieger

EP:  Trilogy of Nightsongs: A Romantic View of Vampires (1996)
other samples at www.myspace.com/karitieger

Set List

Due to hand problems, I rarely perform live anymore, preferring to concentrate on writing and recording. I'm currently working on several projects in the studio.
However, when I did perform regularly as a trio, quartet, or solo, my sets were typically 35-45 minutes long, and contained a mixture of original songs with vocals and instrumentals.