Experienced Cincinnati-based modern rock band that combines aspects of the hard rock, blues, and R&B genres to create memorable music. Always-soulful vocals and tasteful harmonies over a wide musical landscape.


Karizmata's beginnings go back to late 2001, with two friends from different cover bands collaborating on original ideas. Gradually, the project became more serious, additions to the lineup were made, and an all-out effort to create something special began. Our first studio effort concluded in July, 2003, resulting in a demo described by Grammy-winning producer Ken Lewis as "one of the best-sounding demos" he'd ever heard.

Karizmata's live show was finally introduced locally in January, 2004, and the band played several venues throughout the year including the Blue Note, Madison Theater, Deuce's Wild Saloon, CC's Showcase, the Knotty Pine, and the Wooden Horse. The year's touring concluded at Sawyer Point during the 2004 Riverfest sponsored by Toyota and WEBN, so that the band could focus on writing and preparing for additional studio time.

Karizmata draws from a diverse pool of musical influences, only a handful of which include Sevendust, Tool, Queensryche, Nickelback, Edwin McCain, Matchbox 20, Fuel, NIN, Disturbed, Creed, and a number of individual musicians as well.

What sets Karizmata apart from other bands is the whole package. Everyone involved has many years of experience under their belt, we focus on writing solid, marketable songs that will move an audience or stick in their heads and leave them humming to themselves on the way home, and we always strive to put out a lot of energy on stage.



Written By: B. Kissinger

I try to make my own choices.
I try to ignore the voices.
Now have I been mistaken for choosing this path I've taken?

Oh my god, I don't know why I can't control this fear.
Aimless searching...
Constant craving...
I'm drowning again.

I hear ya' callin
Calling my name
I want it … I want it now
Come ease my pain
I can feel it

I try to have strength and refuse, but once again I've been seduced.
I'm needing to fill this hole,
and I feel like I've sold my soul.

Find A Way

Written By: McGregor/Kissinger

Fading away from me
Long removed from my eyes
She's a painted memory
So far away she lies

Drifting away endlessly
Beyond my reach she flies
Somewhere she waits for me
Just watching from the skies

Sometimes I can hear her calling
I think she's wanting me to find...

I feel the cold surround me
As the visions come at night
Then restless I become
Until the morning light

Sometimes I can hear her calling.
I think she's wanting me to...

Find a way
One day at a time
Find a way
To put the past behind
Find a way
One day at a time
Find a way


Written By: McGregor/Kissinger

So out of place…
With a cold embrace you greet me
And press your lips against my cheek

You look at my face
But your eyes gaze right through me
I hear the distance in every word you speak

Is there something that you want to say?
Don't you think I deserve to know?

Could you be holding out on me?
A simple yes or no
Look at me so my eyes can see
What I already know

Just walk away
My every instinct guides me
That I should just turn my back and leave (just leave)

But I hesitate
Emotions and feelings blind me
And I would always fear the things I can't see

I don't think I can bear not knowing…


Karizmata distributed a limited-edition 5-song EP in 2004. One of the singles, "Addiction", earned a slot on the 2004 Budweiser/WEBN True Music CD.

Karizmata is currently writing and plans to release their first full-length CD, "Ripple Effect", later this year (2005).

Set List

Karizmata books and plays original and cover gigs. Original gigs are generally one 1-hour set and the stage is shared with other bands.

For cover gigs, Karizmata plays 3 full hours of covers with originals mixed in. In the cover list, one can expect to hear popular rock songs from the 90's up to the latest songs getting radio airplay.