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Debut single "Pretty Eyez" now in rotation on UAC radio: WJJN, WBBK, WGOV, WGPR

GFA: July 31, 2007

“Where did you come from?” Ironically the last lyrics in the song “Pretty Eyez”, the debut single from arising Urban R&B recording artist Karizz, is the same question music lovers, media and industry tastemakers continue to ask, “Where did this “cat” with the big voice come from?”

After a performance in April 2007 at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar, superstar and legend FREDDIE JACKSON told Karizz: “You’ve got IT!” Karizz was so honored to say the least. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a vocal style reminiscent of some of the greatest crooners in R&B history like Freddie Jackson and Jeffrey Osbourne and although both of these legends have inspired Karizz to pursue his dream, he recognizes first and foremost that his gift is unique and GOD-given. He does appreciate the fact that he’s compared to such well-known, successful superstars.

So where did he come from? Like so many great artists of his time Karizz began singing in church as a youth growing up in the Hollywood/Hallandale area of South Florida, and later moving to Boston, Massachusetts where he resides now. Karizz embraced both cities when coming up with the name for his alter ego, “Southern Bean”. Just listen really close when Karizz speaks and you’ll hear that cute, infectious southern accent as he reminisces about his days in south florida, riding his motorbike on the beaches, running track and field, holding down the high school basketball court and even considering a college scholarship, but he’s quick to throw on a Celtics jersey and shout out his present hometown any chance he gets. As anyone can see, he’s quite the athletic type and maintains his build to please the ladies, however, don’t expect him to pass on some good home cooked chicken, collard greens and sweet potato pie because after all, he’s a southern boy at heart.

In asking Karizz what he’ll bring different to the already saturated R&B music scene, Karizz simply states, “Me! (smile). I mean every new artist is going to be compared to another artist when they are coming straight out the box, that’s expected. But God willing, as time goes on people will be able to point me out for my uniqueness and say oh yeh, that’s a Karizz joint. Only a few of us are blessed with that opportunity and I hope to be one of the few. I’m so fortunate to have a growing fan base who have commented in favor of my music and sense of style and that to me is truly a blessing because it takes years sometimes for an artist to truly find a marketable look that they actually like and feel comfortable with. I can honestly say I’m ready now. It’s all about the grind, getting my name out there and ultimately releasing some “grits and soul” that will stick to your bones and touch hearts.”

Karizz continues to work on songs for his forthcoming debut album but his focus right now is pushing the first single and music video “Pretty Eyez” which will hit airwaves mid-2007. Karizz says, “I love the single and enjoyed working with ASCAP songwriter Busy Sista and music producer Tyrone Taylor”. Taylor enjoyed success some years ago with a single released on the Quest/Warner Brothers label, entitled, “If It Ain't Love” by R&B duo Keystone. The song was featured on the “Sprung” movie soundtrack and maintained the #7 slot on the Billboard R&B singles chart. In June 2004, Kelly G of Black Entertainment Television chose Karizz’s song “It’s Okay” to be featured on the Promo Only Urban radio compilation. He was the ONLY underground artist to grace the cd along side multi-platinum artists Jay Z, Kanye, Beyonce and more.

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"Pretty Eyez"

Written By: Valerie Johnson (ASCAP)/Ty Taylor (BMI)

Baby where did you come from
Girl I wanna know
Cus you are - so beautiful

Verse 1:
Girl I like the way you handle it
Love the way your're shakin' it
Come a little closer please
Give a brotha what he needs

Can I get a taste of it
Baby just a little bit
Girl you nearly blew my mind
When you looked into my eyes
You got..

Eyes like an angel
Deep brown and hazel
Girl you got me hypnotized
Staring in those pretty eyes
Tell me where did you come from
I looked at you and fell in love
I can't get you off my mind
Thinking about those pretty eyes


Promotional track "It's Okay" included on the Promo Only June 2004 dj/radio service compilation chosen by Music Director, Kelly G, of BET (Black Entertaiment Television). This was the only indie single on the album which included major artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, and many more.

Fall 2006 - "Shortie (Make It Bounce)" feat. Biig Man maxi single released - available online via Itunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, Target, Amazon.com, Urge and other outlets.

July 31, 2007 -"Pretty Eyez" - radio single going for adds at Urban Adult Contemporary format (UAC)

SEPT 2007 - "Pretty Eyez" Myxter ringtones available

SEPT 2007 - "Pretty Eyez" music video premieres on BET J

Set List

"Pretty Eyez"
"You Should Be Here"
"U Dont Have To Love Me That Way"