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"The Sekret Songs Of KaRL BaRX"

"(...) es rasselt und schwurbelt übers Parkett um, hintendrein mit optimistischer Piano-Akrobatik und subtiler Besonnenheit Kontenance zu wahren.

Diese sechs erfrischenden Allroundpop-Stücke im liebevoll gestalteten Digipack lassen wahrlich auf den ersten Longplayer der vier kreativen Trondheimer hoffen."

character 5/6 - Nordische Musik - Sounds of Skandinavien und Polarregionen

"The Sekret Songs Of KaRL BaRX - promises fulfilled!"

"there has been a while since a pop song as good as 'Boy With A Band' has been written in this city, and the rest of the songs are right at its tail"

character: 5/6 - Adresseavisen, Norway

"The Sekret Songs Of KaRL BaRX - among this year's best Norwegian EPs"

"KaRL BaRX has (...) an independent sound that doesn't lean against any existing band, strong tunes, charm and good vocal"

character 5/7

http://www.groove.no/html/review/11813956.html?vote=7 - groove.no

"The Sekret Songs Of KaRL BaRX"

"very promising (...) pleasantly pulsating"

character 5/6 - Aftenposten, Norway


Why Don't You Love KaRL BaRX? - 4 track EP 2001

...And If We Don't Kome Up Again - 9 track CD 2002


The Boy & The Band & The Beatles - 3 track promo EP 2006

A Produkt Of Imagination - 11 track CD 2008

Plus: KaRL BaRX One Song A Month 2009. Monthly demos at www.karlbarx.com/onesongamonth.html



From the reviews of ‘A Produkt Of Imagination’ (2008):

"refined arrangements, still simple and delicate (...) the record gives a surprisingly instant impact, still every listening makes it grow” - Adresseavisen
references: New Pornographers
character: 5/6

“hooray! (...) you get in a good mood (...) a splendid indiepop album” – groove.no
references: Wannadies, New Pornographers, The Beautiful South, Kirsty MacColl, Pixies
character: 5/7

"there is an impressive range of musikal touchstones in evidence on the album (...) interesting, konsistent, engrossing, very ambitious and stuffed with pleasant melodies (...) Karl Barx could go on to be a very impressive band indeed” - Nö Musïc Media
references: New Pornograhers, My Morning Jacket, Weezer, Mando Diao, The Coral, Maximo Park
character: 6.9/10

Norwegian indie-rockers KaRL BaRX have been rambling around in the parking lot for some years, but the five-piece orchestra is now regularly rolling their yellow Volkswagen Karavelle out on the road, loaded with equal shares of pop and rock, energy and melancholy, dream and reality, ease and unease.

Their first full length album A PRODUKT OF IMAGINATION was released October 13th 2008 to finally follow up their acclaimed mini-album THE SEKRET SONGS OF KaRL BaRX from 2004. Back then the critics tried to locate the center of gravity in the wide mix of genres and influences that KaRL BaRX allows into their music, by using a lot of cross-references - ranging from “the pop side of Motorpsycho” (not only fellow Norwegians, they actually live at the same street in Trondheim, a city of 150.000 inhabitants), via New Pornographers and Stephen Malkmus to Suede and Kinks - some even put Mercury Rev in there. However, they all ended up concluding that the band most of all sounded like themselves. For those familiar with Scandinavian popular music some decades after ABBA and a-ha, their catchy melodies and close man vs woman harmonies could be mistaken for being Swedish.

Although their music is varied, most elements in the KaRL BaRX package are very consistent. No wonder, as song craftsman and band leader Sigurd Brörs makes all band graphics, including web, animation and even the first video, ‘KaRL BaRX Part One’. Now the second video is out, see Time Is Money in the video section to get a first taste of the unique universe of KaRL BaRX.