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The best kept secret in music


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Midnight Sun (2007 Midnight Sun Music Group)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Many believe that the capacity for artistic expression is an individualized evolution that begins in early childhood, usually the result of a keen desire to escape or become self aware. Everyone possesses this capacity to one degree or another, therefore everyone is capable of appreciating music and its role in society. Some individuals develop it and cultivate it, while others do not. Enter Karleigh Harris or simply “Karleigh” (pronounced Kar - Lee) for short.

Born in Los Angeles, California the only daughter of accomplished musicians, Karleigh developed an appreciation for the performing arts at a very early age. With influences ranging from rock icons like Led Zepplin and Metallica to the smooth sounds of Miles Davis and the revolutionary hymns of Public Enemy, her path to stardom began at the age of three when she amazed a casting director with her natural talents and a work ethic that far exceeded her years. Before long, Karleigh was starring in various national commercials for major companies and products including Disneyland, KFC, and Clorox. She then began honing her skills with private classes, and by age eight a young Karleigh was completely devoted to studying the arts of songwriting, musical arrangement, performance, and dance. In the years to follow she would receive further instruction in drama, jazz, and choreography; maturing her varied talents by singing live at nightclubs, performing in plays, and competing in a number of talent showcases. During high school an affinity for the recording studio began to develop, resulting in a catalog of songs recorded to her credit.

Karleigh’s one passion is music, and she spends the majority of her time in pursuit of that one passion. Admittedly a bit of a perfectionist, Karleigh believes that “truly great art is created not by the emotion ‘put into’ a work nor the emotion that is felt by the artist while creating the work, but the artist’s ability to translate that emotion into a universal language.” With this in mind Karleigh is poised to deliver a much needed breath of fresh air. She is currently working on her second album following her first, a groundbreaking project titled Midnight Sun. As a songwriter and artist, her main philosophy is that “art is a reflection of life through the eyes of the artist, but one’s reality is both defined and limited by one’s perception.” Since she began on her career path at age three, Karleigh has grown exponentially developing a signature sound, an unmistakably fashion-forward sense of style, and a reputation as a dedicated musician. Her soft angelic voice and melodic grooves create a spellbinding sonata for the ear. Armed with natural good looks and a charming personality that are second only to talent and determination this young artist is proof that practice truly does make perfect.