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"the phantom tollbooth"

Angel Without Wings: Karli Bonne (2003)
Artist: Karli Bonne
KarliBonne.Biz 7-57754-01302
Running Time: 60 minutes
Karli Bonne is a singer with a powerful voice and song lyrics to match. In this CD, “Angel Without Wings,” Bonne tells her story through music. From the first selection, “Angel Without Wings” to “My Serenade of Love” to “Who Is the Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma,” we get to know Karli Bonne and the people in her life.

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Bonne’s CD The Promise of My Lord and commented that there was too much percussion and it detracted from the singer. On this CD, there are 13 selections with arrangements from rap to Latino to rock.. I am pleased to write that percussion does NOT overwhelm the singer and lyrics. The lead piece, “Angel Without Wings’ is rousing and tells of self-doubt. The next selection, “Answers,” asks for help, “…how many questions will I ask till I get a answer from you…” “Craig’s Song,” is a love song to Bonne’s husband and has good acoustic guitar. “Simply Serene” has wonderful lyrics about Jesus’ love, “ I hear you in everything around me, tell me do your wonders ever cease.”

“Who Is The Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma” is part dialogue and part vocals. Mary tells her story about “…the man with just a word he opens up my soul…” “I Want To Love Like You” has a Latino beat that envelopes the audience. “I Love You,” the second-to-the-last song, is sung from the aspect of The Father, “…I am the first and I am the last, I am forever by your side.”

Karli Bonne’s voice is rich, full and with great vocal range. She wraps her voice around her lyrics and beckons the listener to just plain LISTEN. The songs on this CD are songs of her own experiences and of her faith.

Copyright 2004 Marie Asner
Submitted 2/29/04

- marie asner

"best female musicians"

Singer Karli Bonne Keeps Faith Alive In Angel Without Wings

Many artists are driven to achieve and perform by a love for music or a desire for fame or reward through their talents. It is a less common situation, however, when an artist creates music for a more selfless purpose, out of a belief and faith in the forces that have shaped them. Christian singer/songwriter Karli Bonne dedicates her music and her passion to the forces that drive her to perform and to live, carfting melodies and lyrics around her spirituality and her love for God. Now Karli has released a new CD, Angel Without Wings, giving listeners her honest messages and her beautiful songwriting in an album dedicated to her faith and her passion for music. The record, written entirely by Bonne (with the exception of Psalm 93), is her second full-length recording and holds not only her beliefs, but excellent songwriting technique and her powerfully moving voice, as well.

The title track of Angel Without Wings opens with a mysterious Middle-Eastern groove, transforming into a techno feel accompanied by layers of Karli Bonne's clear vocals and a driving style that hooks a listener from the downbeat. Contrasting the feel from the first track is the fifth, My Serenade of Love, a traditional Christian song with a light drumbeat and a uplifting feel that perfectly compliments the echoing sounds of Bonne's melodious voice. While most Christian albums create the kind of elevating emotion found in Angel Without Wings, Bonne's record is remarkable in the number of styles that she uses to deliver her messages and and her music. Ranging from techno beats to classic religious forms and even a hard-edged, driving rock groove, Angel Without Wings doesn't stick to one musical medium in offering to listeners. Simply Serene, an inspiring techno piece with a choir-like chorus and an energetic underlying pulse, showcases Bonne's silky voice and powerful mwssages of faith.

Angel Without Wings is a dynamically entertaining CD, with an honest and positive aim. With so many styles, from the passionate techno drive of Prison of Fear to the Latin salsa style of I Want To Love Like You, Karli Bonne's new album is a hit, and perfect for listeners from Christian fans to fans of music, in general. Angel Without Wings crosses genres, not remaining tied to the normal Christian format in style, and appealing to a massive range of audiences. The new record from Karli Bonne makes a great addition to any music lover's collection.

Karli Bonne's Angel Without Wings is currently available for sale on her website (see link below) or at CD Baby.

- best female publishers

"angel without wings"

Karli Bonne’
Angel Without Wings
By: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Artist: Karli Bonne’
Title: Angel Without Wings
Genre: Christian Rock-Pop
Label: www.karlibonne.biz
Website: www.karlibonne.biz

Karli Bonne’ is an Angel Without Wings for the new millennium. While her music shows her deep love for the Holy Spirit, the sounds she delves into are diverse as the religions found across the globe. Everything from a rock rap to an opera ode to the master is on this engaging session.

Bonne’ writes in the CD liners-“While making this CD I felt fear, rejection, doubt and an overwhelming peace you could not imagine.” Certainly, these are all emotions we all experience on a regular basis (sometimes daily) for those enough clear and honest enough to recognize and acknowledge it. The overwhelming peace Bonne' conveys to her listeners will only benefit the soul open to what she gives through the music. The most impressive factor is that she is able to really come from the heart right from the start and end with the same frame of reference in this session.

Karli Bonne’ is an extremely diversified vocalist, it seems as though she could adapt to and master any style she decided to try without any difficulty whatsoever. Let this angel without wings into your consciousness with her music-it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

*Evolution Scale: 8/10

- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


The Promise of my Lord-5 original songs plus backing tracks
Our Nation Under God-single with backing track
Angel Without Wings- new album with 13 original songs
Coming soon in 2005-Going Global!
answers-vd video
my serenade-vd video


Feeling a bit camera shy


full band rockin like evanessance or linkin park!
now with a live DJ and a new album almost done Karli has taken on a whole new sound!
No female is doing this!
Cutting edge music that can be heard by all ages!

This year will bring a live band feel so as to accom odate a larger audience! This redhead, no matter where she's performing brings a moving energy and grace to any stadge!Every weekend you can see Karli at the Wintergarden on 6th and Brighton in Brooklyn! Karli has a number 1 song simpley serene on white dove radio! Prison of fear went to #1 in Ajax Ontario! While other groups or solo artist depend on special effects and smoke machines, karli fills up the stage with a rockin pressense that can't be denied!You walk away from a show fullfilled and elated! How can one person do all that! Karli has taken her rock roots and made some really great music. Her music is enjoyed by everyone of all races and blood types! Growing up in New York makes the competition fierce but Karli can handle herself and her music is living proof! After battling drugs and alcohol her spirituality has taken over and her music has the proof in the message she is conveying!