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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"karli bonne"

KARLI BONNE – ANGEL WITHOUT WINGS: Karli Bonne is a singer, songwriter and percussionist. Her collaborator, Chris Pati produced and handled the instrumentation on Karli's second release. Bonne lives in Minneola, New York, and like many, she was touched by the events of 9/11. Karli decided to do something positive and uplifting – she wanted to send a clear message that "there is hope and a future". Bonne's thirteen-track CD is a journey dealing with doubt, fear and rejection yet it is also filed with lyrics about faith, hope and peace. She writes songs with a purpose and she executes them in a variety of ways. Diversity best describes Angel Without Wings. Karli uses a pallet of colorful styles to convey her points from ambient dance music, to techno disco to heartfelt ballads and worship music. Karli has a wide, vocal range and her arrangements have a dramatic feel. The opening title track has a funky middle, eastern groove blending with a techno beat layered over versatile vocals. It is followed by 'I Need Answers' with its creative unexpected arrangement. The song starts off slow and sweet and than abruptly changes to an edgy rap with strong, energized vocals. 'Psalm 93' is sung with rich passion accented with very subtle instrumentation. Karli Bonne is a singer with a mission and her CD is the ideal outlet for giving people hope in troubled times!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,2,4) [USA/NY 2003 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for Kweevak.com)
- kevaak

"karli bonne"

Karli is a very talented and vocally powerful gospel/inspirational singer. "Angel Without Wings" is a CD that combines
contemporary Gospel music with inspirational tunes that are presented with a Pop/Dance beat.

The CD itself is very well done. It is professionally packaged, with good photography and graphics throughout. Inside
you find the lyrics for all the songs(which in mind is always important, but especially in inspirational music.) There is a
little message from Karli herself.

The production, engineering, mixing and mastering is very well done to give a professional finished product.

There are 13 songs on the disk.(Obviously no superstition problems here.)

The songs, as mentioned before, contain several Pop/Dance style songs, some Rockish tunes, as well as traditional
Gospel. All of the songs give a message of faith, belief, love, and good news. A very uplifting CD.

Karli's extensive vocal range is shown throughout the CD. Several songs include some great background vocals that
enhance Karli's.

My favourite tunes on the disk are My Serenade, Prison of Fear, If I Just and Simply Serene.

Whether you are into Gospel CD's or not, you should pick this one up because you like music.

Rob MacArthur - Spectrum Entertainment Productions - www.spectrum-entertainment.net - 2005/03/22
- spectrum

"karli bonne"

Here we have a professional recording of a very talented singer. The musical style is mostly in the pop realm, with some rock and contemporary influence. Karli's voice reminded me of a combination of Ann Wilson (Heart), Margaret Becker, and a tad bit of Cher.

This is considered an EP release, as it only contains five (5) full vocal tracks. The CD is the debut release from Kali, and I find this a great introduction.

"Comforter Come Reside" open the disc with a ballad feel, with lyrics clearly talking about comfort found in Christ. The song has a power ballad feel to it, with the rock sound coming occasionally around. "The Promise Of My Lord" is a soft piano ballad, with more encouraging lyrics pointing toward God's faithfulness. "Witness" has a great 70s vibe to it, along with a backing choir. Lyrics are praising God and offering to serve as a witness for Christ. This reminded me of early Sweet Comfort Band. "My Mirror" has an 80s synth groove to it, and kind of reminded me of Basia (however I would have left the rap section out). Lyrics speak of changes God brings about in a believer's life. "The Father's Plan" is a soft hymn-like inspiration ballad, accompanied by soft synthesizer. The lyrics are up front discussing God's plan for His creation. Very soft and nice.

The rest of this CD consists of the instrumental tracks for the five (5) vocal tracks.

I found this EP enjoyable, and was pleasantly surprised by the professional production. I look forward to hearing her new release, and am excited about what God is doing through Kali. I highly recommend this release to those who like a soft pop style, and also those looking for some strong Christian encouragement. Great job Kali!!

- Tim Hamm

Email any questions to: tim@hammsterwheel.com
- hammersterwheel

"karli bonne"

God moves in mysterious ways, and I suppose my number's up. It's been a while since my sins were accounted for and the G-man (What, the guy from Half-Life 2? -- Ed.) has apparently decided that a CD of Christian-flavored lyrics and dopey drum-machine tracks should settle the score.
Based on the CD cover, Karli Bonne looks like some sort of neo-hippie witch, ready to blow minds with transcendental psych-rock. It sounds like she had the potential at one time, as she states in her biography that Jesus Christ came into her heart, rescuing her from years of pills, booze and whatever else comes along when you retain a moral zip code in Sin City.

Yup, looks can be quite deceiving, as this dreary mix of electro-metal, derivative dance floor beats and alternative-inspired rock attests. Bonne has a powerful, soul-inspired voice and she delivers her lyrics passionately over a variety of musical backings. One minute you're listening to heavy electronic beats on "I Have the Light"; the next, a delicate harp accompanies Bonne on "Psalm 93", her deep voice filling you in on all that's great about God. There's even a grandiose ballad here --"Love Like You" includes a symphony of synthesized strings and minimalist piano notes to go along with the emotive singing.

It's clear that Bonne has talent, but the album's lack of musical cohesiveness greatly detracts from her singing. And then there's the religious aspect to it all; if your ears tingle something fierce when you hear the words "Jesus, God, Lord and Father", you'll be clasping your hands to your head in short order. Bonne's compositions are equal parts sermon and confession, and will give sinners plenty to kvetch about -- after a single listen, I was desperately clawing for my Slayer and Cannibal Corpse CDs, hoping to cling to a shard of my sanity. Angel Without Wings will probably be a heavenly listen for your born-again friends, but the rest of us can safely avoid it with no ill effects. Oh, and God -– my penance is done. We're even now.

-- Andrew Magilow - andrew migalow

"singer keeps faith alive"

Singer Karli Bonne Keeps Faith Alive In Angel Without Wings

Many artists are driven to achieve and perform by a love for music or a desire for fame or reward through their talents. It is a less common situation, however, when an artist creates music for a more selfless purpose, out of a belief and faith in the forces that have shaped them. Christian singer/songwriter Karli Bonne dedicates her music and her passion to the forces that drive her to perform and to live, carfting melodies and lyrics around her spirituality and her love for God. Now Karli has released a new CD, Angel Without Wings, giving listeners her honest messages and her beautiful songwriting in an album dedicated to her faith and her passion for music. The record, written entirely by Bonne (with the exception of Psalm 93), is her second full-length recording and holds not only her beliefs, but excellent songwriting technique and her powerfully moving voice, as well.

The title track of Angel Without Wings opens with a mysterious Middle-Eastern groove, transforming into a techno feel accompanied by layers of Karli Bonne's clear vocals and a driving style that hooks a listener from the downbeat. Contrasting the feel from the first track is the fifth, My Serenade of Love, a traditional Christian song with a light drumbeat and a uplifting feel that perfectly compliments the echoing sounds of Bonne's melodious voice. While most Christian albums create the kind of elevating emotion found in Angel Without Wings, Bonne's record is remarkable in the number of styles that she uses to deliver her messages and and her music. Ranging from techno beats to classic religious forms and even a hard-edged, driving rock groove, Angel Without Wings doesn't stick to one musical medium in offering to listeners. Simply Serene, an inspiring techno piece with a choir-like chorus and an energetic underlying pulse, showcases Bonne's silky voice and powerful mwssages of faith.

Angel Without Wings is a dynamically entertaining CD, with an honest and positive aim. With so many styles, from the passionate techno drive of Prison of Fear to the Latin salsa style of I Want To Love Like You, Karli Bonne's new album is a hit, and perfect for listeners from Christian fans to fans of music, in general. Angel Without Wings crosses genres, not remaining tied to the normal Christian format in style, and appealing to a massive range of audiences. The new record from Karli Bonne makes a great addition to any music lover's collection.

Karli Bonne's Angel Without Wings is currently available for sale on her website (see link below) or at CD Baby.


- best female musicians

"phantom tollbooth"

Angel Without Wings: Karli Bonne (2003)
Artist: Karli Bonne
KarliBonne.Biz 7-57754-01302
Running Time: 60 minutes
Karli Bonne is a singer with a powerful voice and song lyrics to match. In this CD, “Angel Without Wings,” Bonne tells her story through music. From the first selection, “Angel Without Wings” to “My Serenade of Love” to “Who Is the Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma,” we get to know Karli Bonne and the people in her life.

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Bonne’s CD The Promise of My Lord and commented that there was too much percussion and it detracted from the singer. On this CD, there are 13 selections with arrangements from rap to Latino to rock.. I am pleased to write that percussion does NOT overwhelm the singer and lyrics. The lead piece, “Angel Without Wings’ is rousing and tells of self-doubt. The next selection, “Answers,” asks for help, “…how many questions will I ask till I get a answer from you…” “Craig’s Song,” is a love song to Bonne’s husband and has good acoustic guitar. “Simply Serene” has wonderful lyrics about Jesus’ love, “ I hear you in everything around me, tell me do your wonders ever cease.”

“Who Is The Man: Mary Magdalene’s Dilemma” is part dialogue and part vocals. Mary tells her story about “…the man with just a word he opens up my soul…” “I Want To Love Like You” has a Latino beat that envelopes the audience. “I Love You,” the second-to-the-last song, is sung from the aspect of The Father, “…I am the first and I am the last, I am forever by your side.”

Karli Bonne’s voice is rich, full and with great vocal range. She wraps her voice around her lyrics and beckons the listener to just plain LISTEN. The songs on this CD are songs of her own experiences and of her faith.

Copyright 2004 Marie Asner

- marie asner

"evolving artist"

Karli Bonne’
Angel Without Wings
By: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Artist: Karli Bonne’
Title: Angel Without Wings
Genre: Christian Rock-Pop
Label: www.karlibonne.biz
Website: www.karlibonne.biz

Karli Bonne’ is an Angel Without Wings for the new millennium. While her music shows her deep love for the Holy Spirit, the sounds she delves into are diverse as the religions found across the globe. Everything from a rock rap to an opera ode to the master is on this engaging session.

Bonne’ writes in the CD liners-“While making this CD I felt fear, rejection, doubt and an overwhelming peace you could not imagine.” Certainly, these are all emotions we all experience on a regular basis (sometimes daily) for those enough clear and honest enough to recognize and acknowledge it. The overwhelming peace Bonne' conveys to her listeners will only benefit the soul open to what she gives through the music. The most impressive factor is that she is able to really come from the heart right from the start and end with the same frame of reference in this session.

Karli Bonne’ is an extremely diversified vocalist, it seems as though she could adapt to and master any style she decided to try without any difficulty whatsoever. Let this angel without wings into your consciousness with her music-it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

*Evolution Scale: 8/10

- keity muzikman

"karli bonne"

Karli Bonne'

a Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Ok if you know me or have read a lot of my reviews, you may know I am not a fan of Christian music at all. So when this arrived and the one sheet accompanying it read: "Karli Bonne dedicates her music and per passion to the forces that drive her to perform and to live, crafting melodies and lyrics around her spirituality and her love for God." I thought 'oh brother…'

Well, this was not what I was expecting. Especially seeing the cover art, I thought it would be all flowery, whispery, 'praise Jesus-y' but luckily for me, I was wrong.

It's more like techno-disco-ambient dance music. Sure the lyrics on some songs may be religious, but if it offends you, don't pay attention to the lyrics, let the music wash over you.

Once we hit track 4 things take a turn…I can "Psalm 93" as is it more like what I was expecting originally, but it's still pretty, though her voice goes off-key occasionally.

"Serenade of Love" is another ballad, but much better than the previous song. It sounds like it belongs in a film soundtrack.

"Prison of Fear" gets back to techno.

"Craig's Song" has a really neat guitar solo that helps makes this a really cool sounding song. It also has a certain film quality to it. IN fact all the songs have a bit of a theatrical feel, I'm not sure if it's songwriting or production, but it works.

An interesting album all around.

Posted on July 24, 2004
- amy lotsberg


Promise of My Lord-5 song ep
Our Nation Under God-single
Angel Without Wings- 13 song cd
Dream to Extremes-13 song cd
My Serenade-dvd
Spirit in Me-DVD
video for "ME" in production now!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Some people were just born to do something, I was born to entertain people. It’s what I do,” says Karli Bonné, whose 20-year resume onstage boldly supports her theory. This powerful singer has seen it all, from the ‘80s New York rock scene to stints in rehab to becoming a wife and mother, and her latest release, the CCM/pop crossover album Dream to Extremes, is a testament to the power of persistence.

The world wasn’t nearly as populated with female rock singers as it is today when Karli Bonné got her start singing Who and Led Zeppelin songs as a teenager in Queens. She soon found she had a talent for writing, and moved on to original solo projects like Goldilocks and Cherry Red, even landing videos on the pre-MTV UHF station Power Play Video. “It gave me a lot of confidence,” she remembers of the early recording sessions. “I thought, I can really do this.” She established herself as a successful restaurant entertainer while working on solo material and doing rock jams at clubs like Nirvana and the China Club, singing alongside Ace Frehley and Joe Lynn Turner. But as so often happens, the rock lifestyle and the partying eventually took center stage, and Bonné began to lose her career focus. She continued the entertainer gigs, but her passion for writing came to a halt.

After the grunge trend hit, Bonne found herself part of a large group of rockers whose style was suddenly a thing of the past. “There was nothing to do. Just get wasted, do our rock jams and entertain ourselves.” The prevailing lack of spirit helped send her further and further into the retreat of drugs and alcohol, but something in her creative spirit refused to die. “Even when I was on the deep end I thought, there’s more than this. I’m better than this.” Nearly eight years ago, she decided she’d had enough, and the then-single mother of two decided it was time to sober up.

Her sobriety brought spirituality into her life, and with that spirituality the flow of songs came back into her head almost immediately. Karli walked around with a tape recorder to capture the flood of melodies and lyrics that came to her, but lacking confidence and music connections, she wasn’t sure what to do with the material other than work it into her regular singing engagements at parties and restaurants. September 11th was her call to action. “I thought, people are hurting. What can I do to help? All I know how to do is sing.” Suddenly a name from the past popped into her head— Chris Pati. The two had hadn’t seen each other in 15 years, but all it took was one phone call and Pati added Bonne to the client roster of his Guru Project — a management and production team focused on artist empowerment and development. It was a perfect match, and one that helped get Bonné’s encouraging, positive, songs to a greater audience. Her first full-length release Angel Without Wings reached number one on White Dove Radio, and the song “One Nation Under God,” which Karli distributed to U.S. troops in Iraq for inspiration, garnered national attention as well as several thank-you notes from the White House. Videos for “Answers” and “My Serenade,” both off Angel Without Wings, hit the air on New York cable shows Arise and Shine and 30cc.

Bonné’s latest release Dream to Extremes — available through CDBaby.com — is poised to go even further. The 13 new tracks cover a spectrum of styles from sophisticated contemporary pop to dance club floor-fillers. Several dance mixes of the single “Me” have been completed and an accompanying video is headed for both CCM and secular video outlets. Meanwhile, Bonne continues to give up to 3 performances a day around the New York area, from covering Russian standards at the Wintergarden restaurant in Coney Island to singing the National Anthem at Staten Island Yankees baseball games. And though for some, being a professional singer would be enough, Bonné’s not settling until she’s made a name for herself as a writer and performer of her own inspirational material. “I’ve come too far to just say I’ve given it my best shot. If you don’t have a dream, you might as well die. What’s the point? “

While other groups or solo artist depend on special effects and smoke machines, karli fills up the stage with a rockin pressense that can't be denied!You walk away from a show fullfilled and elated! How can one person do all that! Karli has taken her rock roots and made some really great music. Her music is enjoyed by everyone of all races and blood types! Growing up in New York makes the competition fierce but Karli can handle herself and her music is living proof! After battling drugs and alcohol her spirituality has taken over and her music has the proof in the message she is conveying!