Karlie McKinnon

Karlie McKinnon


It's chill, lyrical music that has been discribed as a combination of Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Brandi Carlile.When other members play it has more of a folk country sound


I can't remember i time where i wasn't singing- it has been my passion and my love ever since i was a little girl. When i was little i would often go into my room, shut the door sit down my desk with a paper and pencil in hand then just start singing and drawing ( i couldn't write very well at that time...) I remember one particular instance where I sang a song and it stuck in my head so i kept on singing it and singing it. I was really excited about it so i ran to my mother who was doing house work pulled on her skirt then sang it to her. She stopped what she was doing and wrote it down, i then sang it for my baptism into my church a few weeks later. I was 7 when i 'made up' that song. Songwriting has been in my life ever since then and has developed into what it is now. This past year i have been performing at a lot of different parties and festivals which has been a lot of fun. At these performances, however, people would go up to the people in charge asking to buy my CD, get my information to my website, etc. So with that encouragement in hand i started to find my way through the musical world, have made a demo EP, and have started to find band members (still in the process of that...). Music is meant to be shared. It give me joy to do it, and it gives others joy to have me do it. I don't think that there's a greater thing than that.

When i perform on stage i like to engage the crowed. Talk to them a bit, make it kind of have a 'homey' feel. I like to feel like they're my friends, not only does this help take down my 'nerves' level, but i think this also helps the crowd to have a better time.


Unmistakably Mistaken

Written By: Karlie McKinnon

I filled up a bottle,
just to say that it's half full
And tried not to think
'I want more'

I tried to guess what you might think
But i find that i can't think
You must think i'm a bore

And if you think that this song is about you i must say you are unmistakably mistaken
I don't think you care a wink about me so how can this move
past infatuation
You and I will always be friends and that's okay, cause
I'm over the sent of your skin
of your skin

I looked at a painting
Just to see all the bright parts
But found myself staring at shadows

I tried to picture my life
All happy blissful without you
But just saw all the sorrows

I tried to write a new song
to try to tell you I like you
But only remembered lost battles


And i've found that too many songs
have forgot the 'do dees'
the 'do wops'
and their 'fa-la la's'
Fa la la la


Coda: Fa la la la


Written By: Karlie McKinnon

'Cause i'm no Jane Austen
'Cause my words just won't flow
'Cause they hid to Boston
All those ages ago

'Cause my heart is a cage
And you don't have a key
'Casue my heart wouldn't listen
No, no it won't obey me

'Cause my mind was lonely
'Cause you offered your hand
'Cause you would divulge me,
Then talk 'bout far away lands


'Cause you wrote a long book
With chapters not meant for me
'Cause you took the long way
In a path back toward me



Written By: Karlie McKinnon

You found your fist line at 22
Your fist tear fell much too soon
That line it moved, and, yes, it grew
Grew much too fast for 22

But now you're older,
You're much wiser
But they won't listen
to what you'll say
Yes, those young ones,
they walk by you
You're lines have deepened
with your pain

The year swim by,
they move so fast
Before you know it
you talk about the past
Use the word 'Future'
say it's the best
But time has fooled you-
It won't last


Demo EP- Karlie McKinnon/ Cafe Shop

Set List

My sets usually go for a half hour when i'm solo. I do all of my folk songs including Unmistakably Mistaken, Because, 22, Forever, In the Dark, Where'd you go?, Run Away. I cover 9 crimes by Damien Rice, Far Away by Ingrid Michaelson, The Call by Regina Specktor, and 'Everything I Do'.
When i'm with my band mates We can do all of the above and also Widow, Water-loo, Ol' Freight train, Build it, and do our own version of the classic folk murder ballad 'Two Young Sisters' or the more commonly known title, "Dreadful Wind and Rain"