Karli Fairbanks

Karli Fairbanks


Vocal driven Alt-country with deep roots in the Northwest music scene


Hope. Melancholy. Whiskey. On her latest self-produced release, Bitter Blue, Karli Fairbanks sings with a wisdom and insight belying her relatively tender age. Only 21 and already one of the most promising performers in Spokane, Washington's vibrant singer-songwriter scene, Fairbanks draws unmatched crowds with her mix of haunting melodies and alt-country edge. A hard-working multi-instrumentalist who has shared bills with such luminaries and up-and-comers as Josh Ritter, Nick Jaina, Norfolk & Western, Johanna Kunin, Tiny Vipers, Weinland, The Beautiful Clarks, Bill Mallonee and Julie Lee - and has been recognized for her excellence by Northwest media outlets - Fairbanks combines her haunting voice with a twang sensibility that has fans of Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin and Feist taking notice.


Tie Me Up

Written By: Karli Fairbanks

Blue were the waves that rose up high
Hundred feet above the sky
My faith was quickly bringing the night
With you just out there watching

Tie me up and never let me go
Bind my feet, let me sink below

The sunlight flickered through the waves
Above my eyes so high
She did nothing, not even try
Her eyes blue as the turquoise

She tied me up so slow
my heart hoped the knots would know
To keep me there

Now all the water quickly fades
And you are all I see
And now my heart is quite ablaze
Let's try and not be afraid


Karli Fairbanks and Friends EP - April 2007
Bitter Blue LP - October 2007
April Tour EP - April 2007
Tour of June EP - June 2007

New EP and full length currently being recorded in Seattle, WA at VU.Recording. Release of EP will be November 2008. LP release TBA.

Tracks from Bitter Blue can be heard on Spokane local stations weekly, some local airplay in Portland and Seattle as well.

Set List

A typical setlist is 7-10 songs. Shifting dynamics between downtempo/melodic numbers to two-step country tunes.

Songs from Bitter Blue are in the regular rotation along with new songs written in 2008.